Where should I keep my (Prescription) adderall so that nobody in college tries to steal it?

Where should I keep my (Prescription) adderall so that nobody in college tries to steal it? Topic: Where should I keep my (Prescription) adderall so that nobody in college tries to steal it?
July 16, 2019 / By Aengus
Question: I am about to go into college. i have been diagnosed with pretty severe ADD so i am on prescription for an adderal type stimulant. however, i have heard that in college, this type of drug is very popular for studying/weightloss, and often used by those who don't need it. I am wondering where i might store my pills so people, like my roomate, don't steal them, as they are expensive and i actually need to use them. Any ideas?
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Stormy Stormy | 3 days ago
First off, I would not tell your roommate that you take Adderall, just in case you end up with a crappy roommate who might steal your medication to either take themselves or sell to others. Don't leave the pills out in plain sight, keep them put away somewhere. Your user name is really ambiguous so I don't know if you are male or female, but if you're a girl then keep your pills in your purse. If not, then stash them in the back of your underwear drawer or tucked back in your desk drawer somewhere. If your roommate sees you taking them and asks what they're for, say they are for something else, like migraine headaches or allergies, and you don't want people to think you're weird for taking migraine headache pills which is why you keep them put away. I don't generally condone lying but I think you have a really valid concern - recreational Adderall use is a huge issue on college campuses, and you don't want to be the one who gets your medication stolen by someone else who is just going to use it for "fun" when you genuinely need it. As long as you don't leave them out in plain sight and don't advertise the fact that you're taking them, I think you should be fine. Good luck in your first year of college!
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Stormy Originally Answered: Does anyone have any advice on sleep aides(not prescription or medicinal) I'm pregnant.?
Benadryl (diphenhydramine). It is the ONLY thing safe enough to take during pregnancy. It is also the "PM" ingredient in Tylenol PM but if you don't need pain relief, just plain old Benadryl (or store brand) will be fine. Some doctors have prescribed Ambien in severe cases, but not enough research has been done to confirm that it is safe (at least, not in my opinion). I wouldn't take it for more than 2-3 nights in a row. In the "not medicinal" lineup, try not to eat too late at night either. Babies tend to rock and roll right after a meal, so if you can eat at least 3 hours before bed, that will help. If you are stressed or have a lot of stuff you tend to dwell on at night, having a journal by your bed so you can get all the stuff out of your brain and onto paper is a good stress-buster, too.

Racheal Racheal
Hum...I probably wouldn't tell the doctor. I would say that you have a friend with similar symptomsand feelings and he/she mentioned they were taking Adderall. I would mention that you would like to try adderall because of the way you are feeling. You could also mention that you did some research online and many of the symptoms that you read about fit you to a T. I just told my dr how I was feeling and he prescribed Wellbutrin. It takes the edge off and if I feel that the day is going to be crazy then I'll take two. Wellbutrin is also a good antidepressant that is well known. It is certainly a good feeling when you do feel "normal" again...if that's the right word. I don't think that I'd mention that you took a pill of your friends though. I've done that also but I don't dare share that with some people.
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Melba Melba
You can get a safe, or simply not tell people you are on it. Usually people won't try taking it without permissionat college anyways, like if you tried selling it i'm sure tons of people would buy it, but generally speaking no one really takes meds like that. Or just get a little container, like a pencil sharpener that catches the shreds, and put them in there. (dont use the pencil sharpener obviously), no one would think to look there for pills, or try to steal it
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Leanna Leanna
Nobody needs to know your taking it. Keep it in an odd place where people wouldn't think to look. You may want to carry it with you during the day. Good Luck at college.
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Johna Johna
Personally I would just put them in the bottle of another medication or a vitamin bottle or something, and not tell anyone I was taking Adderall so they wouldn't even be looking for them.
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Johna Originally Answered: Adderall.?
1. How does adderall make you feel if you have ADHD? It makes you feel more calm, and relaxed.. but always makes you want to do something productive such as homework, working out, or even running. 2. How does it make you feel if you don't have ADHD? Well, you can either be ADD or ADHD to take this medication, but if you are not prescribed to it.. then it's a risk for your health. I know some people take this medication to lose weight which is many ways does work. But I'd recommend not taking this if you arent prescribed. 3. How much do people without ADHD usually take to get the high of it? You'll get pretty high the first few times of taking it, but after that your body starts to get used to it and adapting to it. 4. If people with ADHD take more than they are perscribed will it give them that high or not? I wouldn't recommend taking more than prescribed because it could give you very bad side effects such as severe panic attacks, severe insomnia, and shortness of breaths, and maybe a few more that I forgot to name. Two more: 5. What's the difference between adderall and Ritalin? Ritalin goes to brain cells and stops them from taking up dopamine and norepinephrine, which are chemicals associated with focus, motivation and pleasure. That increases the amount of them in the general space between cells. Adderall does the exact same thing. It also, however, goes inside cells and makes them pump out dopamine. It not only blocks the reuptake of the substance but also acts to increase its levels directly. 6. What drug do people with ADHD take to get the same feeling as adderall gives the person without ADHD? If you want to get more benefits of being high, I'd suggest you ask your Dr for a higher dosage of adderall.

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