Where to Teach Social Studies?

Where to Teach Social Studies? Topic: Where to Teach Social Studies?
June 26, 2019 / By Susie
Question: I'm receiving my broad field 5-12 social studies teaching license from the state of Minnesota this summer. With the job market for Social Studies teachers the way it is here, I'm wondering where else in the United States/(the world?) to try to find a teaching position. I want to start applying for jobs quite soon, as I really would prefer to have a full time job next year.. not a sub job. What are some good areas that are hiring a lot of teachers this upcoming year? Good places to teach Social Studies?
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Randy Randy | 8 days ago
I have the same degree. Where did you go to school? Go to the MN teacher headhunter (Teacher Job Fair) party. Not to sure when that is but it is coming up. There is also one in Sioux Falls, SD. And one in IA somewhere that is northish, aka above Des Moines. I actually got my job from the Sioux Falls one. And not to discourage you. I but my name and resume in to about 100 places. I had one interview. And one job offer. and I love my job. It is not an ordinary teaching position. Go to places others do not want to be. Upper Michigan. SD, MD, ME, MT, ID, AK. KS is always looking, SC and NC I personally made a list of the states I would want to live based on certain requirements. I think every state has a job board like the MN one. Go onto the job boards everywhere. Many teaching school (St Cloud) have good web boards also. Doing the online thing I think really sucks. Every single school with a differing way of doing it. IN any case good luck and do well. Apply everywhere.
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Randy Originally Answered: Please help me on my social studies homework!?
You need to do your own homework. It's important to learn. Do you want to be a brain dead slob? Don't be one of the quarter of your population that can't point out the U.S on a map!!
Randy Originally Answered: Please help me on my social studies homework!?
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Mercy Mercy
I am a Social Studies Teacher as well so I understand your problem. Unfortunately for us all, Social Studies is popular everywhere but Alaska, so unless you want to move even further north it looks like you'll have a wait on your hands. Here is my advice for you on your job search.. In most any state, for any area of study, apply early and often. Don't focus on the one school you want to work at. Apply to them all. Even if you don't want to work in a certain school, interview anyway! It's great experience and besides... what's worse, a job in a school you don't like as much or no job at all. Since Social Studies is so popular you may have to settle for the first job, but once you have experience, finding a job gets a lot easier. Decide how far away you are willing to travel and then search for school districts within your radius. Don't forget to check out the small schools, charter schools, and private schools. charter and private schools aren't recognized by most public school districts as far as experience goes later on for pay schedules, but they do appreciate the teaching experience when hiring. And don't be afraid of subbing... I worked as a building sub before finally landing a job. It gave me a lot of great ideas on what to do and not to do in my own classroom. Ask any Social Studies teacher that you meet, as every single one that I have met and worked with in my career has been a building sub for at least a year before finally getting a job. I grew up and worked in Fridley, MN before moving to Indiana. Have you registered with any of the headhunters in the area? They are a good place to start and can help you to get some initial interviews. Also check with the Minnesota DOE for job hunting help at http://www.education.state.mn.us/MDE/Teacher_Support/Minnesota_Teacher_Recruitment_Center/index.html Unfortunately we work in a tough field. All you can do is be persistent. Volunteer to coach sports and work in various after school activities to set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates.
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Leola Leola
specific i think of it can be a super theory to sell understand-how of alternative cultures worldwide huge. commencing youthful with babies is a robust theory by way of fact it is going to open their minds whilst youthful to different peoples existence varieties and perception systems. There could be one exception to this rule. If every person tried coaching the youngsters that between the religions replaced into properly suited and the others have been incorrect could somewhat reason hate and disruption interior the college community and with mum and dad authority and their living house ideals. it may could be a instructor who has NO strict non secular ideals like an open minded agnostic. you ought to on no account have somebody closed minded like a fundamentalist coaching creationism that ought to contradict the completed objective of coaching worldwide religions and historic past.
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1) -had a weak central government, only one branch of government(lacked the executive and judicial branch), government could suggest that states make contributions of money and soldiers-but had no power of enforcement; war debts were not paid and pirated money was wothless. Unanimous consent was required to adopt and ammend the articles and each state had one vote in congress-regardless of population size (this favored smaller states).The articles also lacked the power to regulate trade. 2) There is a process to ammend the constitution because it was designed to adapt to a changing society as time progressed. The Constitution is a "living" docunment in which changes to it are imperative for its continued effectiveness as our country changes. To propose amendments requires 2/3's vote of Congress; or 2/3's of state legislatures; meanwhile 3/4's of the states are required to approve amendments to the constitution. 3)This case established the idea of "Judicial Review". The Supreme Court, in deciding this case determined that they had the power to review actions made by the executive branch and the Legislative branch to determine if these actions are "constitutional". This case firmly established the "checks and balances" of the three branches that we all know about today. When the constitution was first written these phrases were ideas and concepts but had never been put into action. Marbury v. Madison created the actual mechanisms to enforce those ideas. 4) He was the "father of the constitution" who kept a lot of notes during the convention( He wrote most of how the constitution appears today) 5) at least 9 states had to out of 13 but 11 out of 13 ratified the bill of rights.

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