Which is a better laptop, Apple or Windows?

Which is a better laptop, Apple or Windows? Topic: Which is a better laptop, Apple or Windows?
July 16, 2019 / By Sharleen
Question: I will soon be planning to buy a laptop, but I will be using it for school and college later on. Which is a better and a smarter choice, Apple or Windows? I usually use the computer for Internet Search, Writing reports, essays, and other school work, etc. I also use it for storing pictures from my Digital Camera and iTunes as well. I currently have Windows XP in my P.C, yet have been having trouble with viruses, the computer freezes and is somewhat slow during the Internet search process. Yet compare to my school, they use Apple instead, and so far I like it. All ideas and suggestions are truly appreciated. Thanks!
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Ossia Ossia | 7 days ago
Before I get started, in response to a previous answer... You can return a Mac if you're ever dissatisfied. Their return policy is just as flexible as any other retailer. It's just uncommon that anyone ever is dissatisfied once trying it.... This from my experience. And yes, it is more secure. OSX is written on top of UNIX which is the same system used to run all government and military servers and all systems of any corporations or organizations that have a lot of critical data that needs to stay online and well protected 24/7. Trust me, anywhere security and stability is a priority, you won't see "Microsoft" or "Windows" anywhere near it. Now... Apple... the secret is in the sauce... OSX. This is the most stable, user friendly, secure and intuitive operating system on the market. In 7 years of running OSX and upgrading as each new release has come out, I have never had one single system crash, no viruses, no spyware/malware, and have not needed one single extra application constantly running in the background to help protect me from these things. Also, OSX is actually written to optimize your system resources and not be a bloated turd like Windows. True story: my wife refuses to use her 1 year old Dell desktop because it is such a dog... instead I can hardly ever get on my 7 year old PowerMac because it consistently outperforms her PC in every single application. Another reason to buy a Mac? Their customer service is the best in the industry. I used to work for one of the biggest PC makers and 1 day after your warranty is up and you are dirt to them. 3 years after my extended warranty was up (mind you this was in the 6th year of my Macs life) I had a hardware failure... my local Apple Store fixed it for me for free! Try getting that level of service out of any other name in the business... I can already tell you that you won't. Another reason... their stuff just works! It was so amazing going from 20+ years of constantly troubleshooting and fixing PC problems to having a completely hassle free system that I actually get to work on and not work inside of. Don't let anyone say that there's not a lot of software, this is not true. Maybe over 10 years ago it was... not so anymore. Every application of my wife's 1 year old Dell runs leaps and bounds better on my 7 year old Mac. Everything I could do and needed to do daily on my PC I was able to do better, faster, and in much fewer steps on my Mac. Another thing you'll love is Apple's iLife suite. Or "The MS Office for the rest of your life" as Apple has called it. If you enjoy digital photography, you will love all that iPhoto will allow you to do. Creating slideshows of pictures set to music in iDVD is trivial and soooooo cool!! And the other applications (iMovie, Garage Band, iWeb) are also very cool, a lot of fun, and VERY easy! Apple is all about the user experience, this truth is evident right down to the packaging of their products. They're excited about their products and they want their users to be excited as well. They consistently produce premium products... unfortunately they're at a premium price. But for the extra money you get all the things I've already mentioned. Personally, my time is worth the extra money for me to not be hassled by ridiculous PC problems. Look at it this way... an Apple is a finely tuned European sports car engineered for performance... and a PC (dell, ibm, compaq, hp...) is a Chevy Aveo.
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Mallory Mallory
This debate has been going on for 20 years and will continue until the end of time (or as long as MS and Apple are still around). Its really pointless to argue it as many do. It all comes down to preference. What works better for you and fits your work flow. I personally use Apple. I like the way its all laid out and how it is a simple or as complex as I want it to be. It can grow with you from computer novice to unix guru. I also like not having to worry about updating virus software and that whole mess. I also think Apple hardware quality is much higher then most PC makers. I worked at a college help desk and I can't tell you how many poor quality laptops I saw. Dell and Compaq were probably the 2 worst. I think 70% of the Dells had keys missing and just felt cheap. Thinkpads are pretty solid though from a PC standpoint (I like the T series). I use Windows at work. It works, but requires more work to get it there and keep it there. Its 90% prevention though. If you go with Windows talk to someone that knows what they're doing and learn how to not get viruses and junk on your computer. Its a lot easier then getting rid of it later
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Kimberley Kimberley
Windows is an "operating" system, If you can call it that. If I were in the market, I would stay away from ANY laptop with Windows "Vista" software. It is fraught with problems, from compatibility with software, (even its own), hardware, and resurrects memories of Windows ME. Vista is by far the perfect example of a company selling a promise of what software "should" be, and getting away with causing users hours, and days, of lost productivity. I have personally lost several parts of days, trying to get simple things like WIFI, or 2 displays to work consistently. There are so many functional problems with Windows Vista, that if I were purchasing right now, I would opt for a computer with Windows XP, or go with the MacBook which most people who own them seem to love. Keep in mind that either will have its "issues"... no operating system is without its problems or quirks. Apple sells Macs. They supposedly have great service. There are tons of companies that sell Windows-based notebooks. Ability to try and buy.... Another consideration is the ability to return the laptop. If you purchase your laptop from Sam's Club for instance (I don't work there) , you have a very liberal return policy, which you won't find everywhere, whereas with a Mac, once you buy it, you own it. By the way, Macs are NOT "more secure". Simply, hackers and the bottom-dwellers who write virus software cannot get recognition when only 10% (or so) of computer users "use" a Mac. They get their "jollies" by effecting the masses who use windows-based software. It takes a lot of work to write "code", and these jerks want the most 'bang' for their 'time'.
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Janelle Janelle
Your school's right. Use apple. Apple is good for school work. Also, nobody wants to hack mac. Apple is simple and easy to use, not to mention secure.
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Ernestine Ernestine
Windows, usually I would say apple, but windows is much much better with the laptops, I would go with a dell. They aren't good for much other than laptops. Thats from experience, Hope I helped.
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Clara Clara
i would say a window. macs seem to be slower ane it seems to me that a window would suit you better for the type o programs you use most often. good luck!
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