Who believes the New World Order could have something to do with that melamine fiasco from China?

Who believes the New World Order could have something to do with that melamine fiasco from China? Topic: Who believes the New World Order could have something to do with that melamine fiasco from China?
June 26, 2019 / By Vickie
Question: It wouldn't surprise me if Chinese govt./business officials were behind poisoning people. hahaha...Maybe I was brainwashed to hate China, but guess what? I don't hate China, and I have actually gone there twice for vacations. What I am saying is that the whole melamine thing "could" be a plan that the NWO was in on...and yes...I do believe the NWO people, which includes US officials, had somethbing to do with 9-11. Of course, 9-11 was created, just so Bush could brainwash the American public into thinking we "had" to go to war in Iraq. There was never a need to go to war in Iraq and there is no "terrorist" threat. People need to wake up and realize that there are world leaders in every country supporting this NWO and their plan is to rule the world and kill off a big percentage of the world's population. Go look it up.
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Shaelyn Shaelyn | 5 days ago
You know what? It didn't surprise me that you think the government is trying to poison people on purpose, simply because you are brainwashed by mainstream media propaganda to hate China or Chinese government since you were born. All you hear every day is made up lies and twisted truth of what's gong on over there. You no longer question any of the "bad" things they do as soon as you hear it. The whole melamine incident was caused by some greedy milk collecting station owners. In China, most cows are raised on small family farms. Every day, those farmers deliver milk to the milk collecting stations. Then the milk collecting stations sell large amount of milk to the milk companies. Some of the greedy milk station owners would add lots of water to the milk to increase its volume for more money. However, the milk companies used protein test to check on that. Somehow those station owners found out by adding melamine, it can fool the protein test of milk companies. That's how it happened. Lack of regulations also made it possible. P.S. To anyone who was born and lived in China for many years, it wouldn't surprise them that the U.S. is behind 9/11. So it can use it as an excuse for the beginning of conquest. invading Afghanistan = finally set up a military base west of Chinese border to complete the 3-side circling. invading Iraq = step stone to invade Iran = to control middle east oil (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq all occupied, Iran is next) = be able to cut oil to anyone in case of a war. What does Chinese government gain by making their own entire population sick?? Nothing! More Medicare, less healthy work force. P.S. China has 21% of world's population, with only 7% land could grow food. Yes, China is the world's largest food producer, however it is the largest consumer with its 1.3 billion population. Very little food were exported. China will be the biggest food importer if not already is. So many brainwashed people are no longer making any sense at all. To OP, You still missed the point. It doesn't matter how you claim you are not brainwashed...lets say if someone claim all the wars started by the U.S. is the U.S. government's plan to decrease U.S. population. Would you believe it? If the Chinese government really want to reduce population, there are better ways. Melamine does NOT guarantee the kill. Didn't you see the figure? The death : sick ratio is like 1 : 10000. It's a dumb way to kill people if you ask me. For every 1 dead, tens millions dollars have to be spent on treating the other 10000's kidney stones. Besides, the gap between rich and poor in China is huge. China's majority population are still poorly educated farmers. Those poorly skilled workers probably won't drink milk at all. What does China gain by killing/sicking more educated higher income middle class? Do they want to have just poor people left? Your statements don't make sense at all. This milk incident remind me of something. When I was in China, there were lots of bicycles. It was #1 transportation in China. People go to work, or school on bicycles. That created a business = bicycle repairing. The most common repairing was to repair the holes on the wheels. Guess what? Because of greed, 1/3 the bicycle repairmen would intentionally throw broken glass everywhere near their location to poke holes on people's bicycles' wheels. Which increased their business by a ton. Once in a while, somebody would fall from the bike due to exploded wheel and get injured. Would you call that a Chinese government conspiracy to kill people too? So bull. It's nothing more than widely spread greedy among those low educated low mortal people who are at the bottom of the society.
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Onndrea Onndrea
It would make sense since China GREATLY outproduces pretty much the entire world in food production, but think about it...After some handful of people (actually quite a few) got sick from tainted milk, there were complaints raised, leading to everything being recalled. Now believe me China, like any communist nation, would love to kill its own citisens, but the problem with that is that it needs a strong economy to be able to compete with the supposedly "capitalist" world to show that communism is indeed "better," hence it needs workers to keep up production just like our part of the world, with the only difference of course being that we use illegals whereas they use their own citisens. Either way, they compete by simply outproducing us -- they could care less whether or not we get sick from their products, as long as they profit. Problem with that is, how long can you go producing quantity over quality until people realise it? That's when trouble starts, causing Chinese officials to possibly rethink their view on the matter. After all, who knows, maybe there is a reason behind why pretty much the rest of the world except for a select few, make quality, not quantity.
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Mag Mag
No, I doubt it very much. In China, plant managers are held responsible for making money for the government. If they fail, they not only get fired...but are destined to a life of poverty because they will not be put in an important job again. This pressure is so stringent, that some dishonest managers seek to pull the wool over the eyes of their government. Melamine shows up as protein when checked in a lab....and it is far cheaper than the milk or soy protein that would normally be used in formula. I suspect that the guy figured he would assure his financial success by cheating....and he got caught. He probably wasn't aware of the health risks. The last time something like this happened, the plant manager was executed by firing squad. I don't know or haven't heard what has or will happen to this one.
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Kerrie Kerrie
I think it's a good thing we headed off that whole Sarah Palin thing, because she was definitely the Antichrist. There are horns underneath that updo, I'm sure of it.
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