who has ideas for a good story ?

who has ideas for a good story ? Topic: who has ideas for a good story ?
July 16, 2019 / By Wren
Question: paranormal romance, thriller, horror... if vampires will be used no Twilight vampires... i don't want my vampires to sparkle nor drink animal blood... human blood is necessary. There can be a sexual scene or two... erotic
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Shawna Shawna | 7 days ago
I won't give you my ideas, but maybe this system will help you think of some good ones for your story. (: OPTION A~ • Daydream. It’s as simple as that. Let your mind wander and you may find yourself ending up with some great new story ideas! OPTION B~ • Use the 'what if?' system. What if _____? What if ______ happened to _____? What would happen if ________? OPTION C~ • Read quotes or song lyrics, maybe you can find some inspiration! • You can even think of random words and they may inspire you... How about 'survive'? 'Love'? 'Betrayal'? 'Harsh'? ‘Cruel’? ‘Kind’? OPTION D~ • Create a character. This will get your creative juices flowing and a plot will come easily. An easy way to create new novel characters- just fill in this bio.: Name: Age: Date of Birth: Appearance: Personality: Background: OPTION E~ • Go outside and observe people walking on the street or wherever you are. What do they look like? Who are they with? Try to imagine their backstory or where they are going and you may just have a new character and plot. OPTION F~ • Write about an important event in your life- your parents divorcing, moving to a new country, etc. Whatever that has happened to you that’s worth reading. OPTION G~ *This one was by Beautiful Nightmare. I just thought it’d be good to add to my grand list here. The rest are from me, but all credit for “Option G” goes to her. • Write about an important event in your life, but twist it around. What if you did something differently? Write about what could have happened. OPTION H~ Do some writing exercises or character interviews- they may inspire you. Good luck! =]
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Shawna Originally Answered: Any good ideas for a story?
about a girl who moves in to a new city or a new country goes to high school and faces some problems such as: she's got friends problem, getting into detention every time, On teachers bad list. and then how this event comes up and thats when you could start your climax. And you can give her some friends maybe some enemies, which ever! Maybe the head master is her one of the biggest enemies!!!!!..

Pamila Pamila
I trust 2 different solutions to uncover a few idea and write approximately what you favor or appear in magazines/papers for idea. The first experiences persons in general write are approximately whatever that has occurred to them or anybody they recognise. You might write approximately a present drawback, the credit score crunch, and the way a loved ones begin to lose their wealth via process loss and investments. It might be emotional and dramatic with might be the viewpoint taken from a teenage folks view factor.
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Mare Mare
Good writers do. If you don't have any ideas _at all_, which is how it appears, I recommend a different hobby, at least for the time being.
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Kirstin Kirstin
the main character has some sort of schizophrenic/mental disorder that makes them remember things that happened to other people or before the universe existed.
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Kirstin Originally Answered: Does anyone have a couple of good story ideas?
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Avodv_WC1DBkt3FMTzQz9GDty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100331040733AA1vQKE visit this its a story i wrote it was not very good and ive made a lot of changes since but i think the idea is a good one an english teacher once told me about the best story she had ever heard from a member of her class and it was about a boy and he got on the but and about all the people he saw and things he smelt, heard etc you could go with the idea and develop it furtther dropping in and out of other peoples conversastions hearing what they have to say etc good luck

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