Who's the right Person in this situation?

Who's the right Person in this situation? Topic: Who's the right Person in this situation?
June 18, 2019 / By Aimey
Question: Ok let me start off by saying its me vs. my parents. My parents and I don't really get along. It's not really my fault its just they have too high of expectations. My parents think off me as lazy(because I forget to throw out the trash at time and sometimes my room is a bit messy) and unable to do most things right. Yet I am going to one of the greatest highschool in my state, have always had high grades(all honors classes & mostly A's), never commited a crime, always very polite and friendly to all, I have never once said a swear word(I am 16 now), and yet my parents don't really seem to appreciate any off it. So heres where the conflict comes in. My parents have recently choice for me to go to work with my father every Friday and sometimes Saturday & Sunday. I had no part in that decision and the thing is it truly does cut in to my time doing homework. Just recently i Literally spent 9 hours on homework on a Saturday as my parents went out. I had finished much of my homework but I still had a science project and some reading to do( and to study for my drivers state test which i find really important). My parents don't believe me when I tell them how much time it takes to do my homework. So no matter how much I complain im still forced to go to work with my father( and btw rarely get paid, my mother says that I shouldn't even get any money). So that is where the argument comes in of whether which is more important School or work? They just tell me that they don't care if I spent time till midnight doing homework after I'd come back from work. This argument happens every weekend really. So it kind of makes me think "whats the point of going to school if your just making me work already?". I straight up asked my mother which is more important and she just ignores me. So my question to you guys is am I the one to blame or are my parents at fault cause my parents always make me feel that everything is my fault( Heck I'd blame myself for global warming at this point). So I'd like to here your opinions and what I should do in these situations.
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Tommy Tommy | 1 day ago
Kids today have a LOT more homework then your parents did when they were growing up! You are absolutely right, school is very important. I would talk to one of my teachers (one that you feel comfortable with) about this. Perhaps they can call your parents in for a meeting, or maybe they would send home a letter explaining how much time homework really does take. I mean if every class gives you 3 hours of homework a week, and you have 7 classes, that is 21 homework hours a week. That is a lot! Maybe you can work out a compromise, where you only go with your dad to work one day a week, or maybe make an agreement about the summer. Maybe you could work 5 days a week in the summer and not at all during the school year. Good Luck! Also maybe try to do your homework downstairs around your parents instead of up in your room. They might think you are just playing on the computer or something if they can't actually see you working.
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I commend you for the way you are. You have it right. Wait to enjoy the fruit of your labor. You will be so glad that you did.
Tommy Originally Answered: Old person in a young person's body?
Frankly, yes I do think you should stop complaining. But fun doesn't come later in life. There's a reason people say teens are supposed to be having fun. The older you get, the harder life gets, the more responsibilities you have and the less time you have for fun. You need to get it while you can. There is no time to wait for fun. I remember high school. When all you have to do is go to school and do homework and maybe chores at home...trust me, there should be plenty of time for fun. Unlike what other people here are suggesting to you, you can be a good kid and do well in school, have your priorities in order and still have a good time. I understand not fitting in with people your age or thinking they're petty and immature. But there are always kids who are not like that and whom you can relate to; you just haven't found them yet. There should be school clubs or maybe even youth groups in your area. Find ones that involve activities that interest you. That is the best way to find like-minded people whom you can develop friendships and connections with. Best of all, those activities will look good on your college applications. Like someone else responded to you, the way you're living life right now sounds like your choice, at least partially. And that's why I say stop complaining. If you don't want to be a dork, don't be one. It doesn't sound like it's a case where your parents are too strict, make you study all the time and won't let you have fun. It just sounds like you're wallowing in the fact that you're not like others your age, and you're halfway punishing yourself by keeping yourself at home and not even trying to make any sort of effort at being a young person instead of an old person. I know it's hard to make an effort with others, but people generally are not just going to come to you. Smile at people, say hi to people and show you're open and friendly.

Raymund Raymund
So, instead to be working under the watchful eye of your father, you rather be out getting someone pregnant, smoking or shoplifting? Your parents are doing a good job thus far. I know that you do not understand this now, but they are trying to keep you out of trouble and also teach you responsibility and prepare you for life. Life is tough and unfair and you have the golden opportunity to work, earn some money and experience without having to be submitted to a tyrant boss that yells and you and calls you worthless. When you are 18 and pay your own bills and move out of the house, do as you wish; but for now, go by the rules and continue your education. Trust me, you will have all your life to be treated like rubbish, work like a slave, get your heart broken, fail etc.. Enjoy your sheltered life while you can. Your parents are right. Work and responsibility forges character. Good luck
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Mathias Mathias
Why you are on the "marriage & divorce" site is baffling. But since you are here let me tell you the following: You are right in this situation. You go to a great school & are a high achiever (well done)! My problem is, if you are working then YOU SHOULD GET PAID. School is more important because then you can choose the WORK you do in the future!
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Guys have the tough problem of determining when no might mean yes and persevering somehow in the face of repeated rejection. Sadly, women know this but don't much care. Juliet is just not interested in the various scrapes Romeo endures climbing the wall to her balcony. That's life. So suck it up, spit on your palms and get a foothold. Good news: You're a known quantity. All you have to do now is create oppties to establish greater intimacy. Start by studying her interests and asking her advice about one you share - anything to get her talking about whatever it is she cares deeply about. Seek oppties to pursue mutual interests - i.e., plays, movies, concerts, athletic events, hobbies. At first, events involving a group are best. Once you're in a group, you may find oppty to sit together. Along the way, do your best to ensure she's invited to events that show you off at your best, i.e. if you're a musician, athlete, debater, mechanic - whatever, as long as you're doing something you do well and she gets to see you doing it. This way, she'll ID you as a winner. Conversely, do your best to ensure she doesn't see you doing anything Constable Fung would feel compelled to investigate. Hurdle: Girls tend to go for older guys. Why? Because they seem more mature. Men seem to mature somehow in dog years. Most are happiest playing with other boys for just the longest time. It's tiresome. The most attractive partner is therefore the one who most actively seeks mature companionship. Be that guy.

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