Why am I being depressed?

Why am I being depressed? Topic: Why am I being depressed?
June 24, 2019 / By Alea
Question: I don't know why I'm sad! I have awesome classmates but no friends, really annoying people at my school, and really nice teachers. I'm getting everything I want, but yet still no happiness. This has nothing to due with being rich won't give you happiness or anything because it just doesn't relate to that quote at all.. Can someone help me find out why I'm so sad?
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Tristen Tristen | 10 days ago
this is because you are a people pleaser if you work on your own happiness, you can build self esteem , and then other people will want to be friends with you love is sharing of self-esteem ; if you don't have self-esteem , it is very difficult everyday , write down what you are going to do tomorrow and , in that list , make sure there are three things that make you happy . for e.g., if watching tv makes you happy , write down you will watch tv for one hour --be specific , incl. which show you are going to watch if going to the mall and meeting new people will make you happy , write that down if watching entertaining stuff on youtube will make you happy write that down whatever it is ... be creative ... and do different things everyday that make you happy it is tough to be depressed if you are doing things everyday that make you happy then , you want to be as self-centered as possible ...everything that comes out of your mouth must not come out to please other people ..before saying something , think you are saying it because you are completely self-centered and only thinking about yourself ... don't worry about being selfish or rude , because if you are thinking only about yourself , you will naturally say good things also because you want to put up a good impression on others ... but , never say or do something based on what you think others will approve of ... only do something or say something if you approve of it .... 100% self-acceptance and you don't need to apologize toanybody for being yourself .... when your self-esteem grows , people will be naturally attracted towards you
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Tristen Originally Answered: Help please. I've been really depressed?!?!?
A doctor might prescribe antidepressants for a case of depression, but there are a number of depression home remedies, alternative therapies or complementary therapies, which can be effective and which don't require prescription. Some herbal remedies, physical activities and diets may assist in combating depression and if any side effects occur, they are likely to be moderate in their form. These simple-to-use home remedies for depression are most effective for people suffering from cases of mild to moderate depression that comes and goes. One easy home remedy to treat depression is to change your daily diet plan. For instance, if you are on a high protein diet for weight loss, lack of carbohydrates could be contributing to your depressive feelings. You should instead consume more foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains which can help your brain to generate the mood regulating brain chemical serotonin. For people who are coffee or tea addicts, you should try to minimize the level of intake. Studies have shown that caffeine in coffee is able to suppress serotonin production and increase the likelihood of depression! If you are someone who has the habit of consistently recalling your unhappy experiences, there is an effective home remedy to cure your depression. Research has shown that by writing about your most painful encounters for 20 minutes a day, you should be able to improve your psychological well-being just within 4 days. This approach has got to be the easiest and most effective depression home remedy that you can find! Combating depression also involve changing your current lifestyle. One useful home remedy for depression is to do things that you know you have enjoyed in the past. For instance, you can visit friends, take walks, go to the cinema, push yourself to escape the desire to stay at home and brood. Distractions are a useful tool and if a small /be nurtured from one of these acts then you will have taken a big step towards taking control. Do what you enjoy, do what you think you will enjoy, do what you have enjoyed in the past; but above all, do! You don't state your age, but CHILDHOOD DEPRESSION DEPRESSION IN THE YOUNG: PAGE Z.11, & TEEN DEPRESSION, & YOUNG WOMEN'S DEPRESSION are some topics in section 2, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris Also see pages R, & V. It is normal for a young woman to be depressed, occasionally, but to qualify as true depression, it has to have existed for 2 weeks, or more. Visit your school counselor.
Tristen Originally Answered: Help please. I've been really depressed?!?!?
Aww honey, Find something that motivates you. It can be a favorite baseball team, a friend, God, anything. You just need something right now to keep you going until you can get the proper help you need. You know there are phone numbers you can call to talk to people anonymously, right? Like 1800-SUICIDE. Try it. It may help. Sometimes depression is a hormonal thing, and is not just influenced by things going on in your life. You should see your doctor. Are you stressed more than usual? Are you just sort of in a 'don't care' attitude? Are you indifferent to people and to things that are happening in your life? Do you honestly care about ANYTHING much anymore? Do you always wish you could just... sleep forever, and never have to go to school again or talk to anyone again? Your changing moods are also indicative of your growth as an adolescent.. this is going to be the most turbulent time of your life. But if you get through these years... you may be truly happy sometime in the future and be horrified that you ever attempted suicide. You're too precious to lose. And no offense, but I don't agree with your parents that 'people who do suicide are disappointing and stupid.' I also don't agree with people who think committing suicide is cowardly. It's not meant to be anything more than an escape. But don't try it anymore, please, please, please. You have no idea how many people will be shaken by your death. You don't want to become just another statistic. You want to die HAPPY. Sometimes it's hard to open up to even friends because they don't understand... they don't understand how low you sink when you're depressed. They just cannot comprehend it, and may think you're being overdramatic. But talk to someone that will understand. Please. You're beautiful. You're priceless. You deserve to live happily. Don't rob us by taking your life. Talk to someone. Please.

Reid Reid
When you have flat out depression, sometimes there is no reason. Have things that you used to love to do stopped making you happy? If so, you may have legit depression. Try to find something to be passionate about. Shows, games, books, art, anything. Have goals and a focus. If you show what you're interested in, and what kind of person you are, friends just might come. You should still put yourself out there a bit more. If you do things outside of school with people, you'll be surprised how well you might get along with them.
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Medad Medad
How about doing things. Play video games, workout, ride your skateboard, masturbate. Stagnation strengthens depression. Get active! Go on go do something.
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Medad Originally Answered: I'm really depressed. What do I do?
I'll give you my standard advice on this: First, don't turn to antidepressants! Antidepressants function no better than a placebo in most patients, research shows. For each new drug developed, the drug companies would run a dozen studies to get two showing their drugs were a little better than placebo and submit those studies to the FDA. The other 10 studies wouldn't get published, and they showed the drugs didn't help depression or even made it worse. Furthermore, antidepressants are well known to cause manic episodes in people who have undiagnosed bipolar, possibly forever worsening the course of the illness. There is no way to know if you have bipolar or unipolar depression. There is a question, in fact, if antidepressants may be worsening the course of depression also, in the LONG TERM (see “Anatomy of an Epidemic” by Robert Whitaker). Why take the risk of long term harm when it is becoming generally accepted that antidepressants don't help most people? Even the Abilify ad points this out – that drug company wants you to take a much more toxic antipsychotic that will shave years off your life, because their antidepressants don't work. Besides that, if you are an adult, you should know that most antidepressants will destroy your sex life, and in rare cases, it can be permanent. Most people won't stay on the drugs long term because of this side effect. If you have severe problems, I don't know what to tell you. The drugs really don't help most people very much, but people will jump up and down and swear that they do help – Lots of “research” papers show that the meds work, but almost all are written by psychiatrists who are paid by drug companies to say that, and they must sign an agreement to not publicize any bad study results before they get their research grants, just in case they should get an attack of conscience. Patients often respond to placebo effect, or naturally cycle out of their illness, and there is not way an individual or their doctor could know if the drug helped them or not– that is why studies are required. The whole psychiatric profession has been so corrupted by money, it is hard to trust anything they say. If your problems are severe, and not due to a trauma history, you will have to decide how to weigh the risks. It's worth talking over with a therapist. ** If you cold-turkey your meds, you are likely to get severe withdrawal, so if you decide to stop, you MUST taper off them.** Generic Depression tips (PRINT THEM OUT): Could a prescribed or over the counter medication be causing or worsening your depression? Many meds are culprits, including birth control pills, blood pressure, pain meds, etc. Alcohol and illicit drugs can cause serious problems too. Get your thyroid levels checked – hypothyroidism is a depression mimic. If your depression is worse in winter, try to get more sun. You may have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or your depression could be partly seasonal. Use a light box (10,000 Lux (light intensity) at about 20” - about $300 online, don't get locally, they charge more, you don't need full spectrum, it needs a UV filter, the Sunray is a good brand). I have extra windows, painted the walls peach & yellow & have a skylight. There's a link to a cheaper lightbox at psycheducation.org. Also take 1000 to 2000 IU of Vitamin D in winter – if you live in the north, you are deficient in this vitamin & need the supplement anyhow, so you may as well see if it helps the depression. Try meditation like progressive muscle relaxation or guided imagery. See The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne for examples. Free 15 minute guided imagery download at healthjourneys.com. Go out with friends, & if you don't have any, join a club & MAKE yourself go until you look forward to it. “Isolating” makes depression worse! Exercise 1/2 hour a day, & anytime you feel depressed. Exercise is a great mood stabilizer & reduces anxiety. LOTS OF RESEARCH SUPPORTS THIS. Insomnia?: Go to bed & get up the same time each day, even weekends. Don't use your bedroom to watch TV, read or use the computer. Don't do stuff that revs you up before bed, like exercising & using the computer. Light from computer screens & TV wakes you up. Use that last hour to wind down-take a bath? Make the bedroom very dark, even cover up the alarm clock. Use a noise machine (makes wave sounds etc.) to cover up disturbing sounds. Avoid caffeine in afternoon & evening. Try soundsleeping.com for free relaxing sounds downloads. Put colorful, happy things around the house. Do nice things for yourself. Make a list of things that make you happy, like: bread fresh from the oven, the scent of Jergen's cherry almond lotion, the crisp sound of a saltine cracker breaking, fresh sheets on the bed, standing in the boat flicking topwater lures onto the water, etc. Use all your senses & read that list when you are breaking down Work on time management if you are overwhelmed. Cut back on other responsibilities so you can spend more restorative time with friends & family. Ask for help if depression makes it hard to keep up with chores. Spend more time with your pet, if you have one. Both of you will appreciate the time. DON'T listen to sad music! It makes things worse! Listen to upbeat stuff- same with movies & novels. DISTRACT yourself when you are hurting. Read a novel, watch a comedy, go out with friends, play cards or a video game, whatever is mentally all-consuming. This is VERY helpful in a crisis!! Volunteer. Helping others makes you feel better about yourself. It also keeps you more involved in the community. Many people find comfort being involved in religion. Get help from your pastor. Some pastors from conservative faiths don't “believe” in mental illness & tell you to just pray more – don't go to such a pastor for “help.” Put a half-smile on your face. Changing your expression is proven to help change mood. If suicidal (not just “suicidal ideation,” but you are impulsive or have a plan), find a community hospital with inpatient behavioral health (yellow pages). Don't call 911 unless you have already hurt yourself, because if it is just psych symptoms, the police come & they will take you to the closest place & that could be a horrible state hospital. Cognitive Behavioral therapy is the most effective kind of counseling. Try free computerized CBT at moodgym.anu.edu.au. Computerized therapy appears to be almost as effective as counseling, research shows. If you have an abuse history, it is likely to be a major cause of your depression.

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