Why Am I Mourning My Lost Youth?

Why Am I Mourning My Lost Youth? Topic: Why Am I Mourning My Lost Youth?
July 16, 2019 / By Zoie
Question: I'm 22 years old and I'm already mourning my lost youth. If you ask most of my peers from high school where they were 4 yrs ago before college and compare it to their current state, they would say SO much has changed! Some people are even married, or dating, some travelling, working great jobs, some even have kids!! (I don't want kids lol)....That is not the same for me. My life is just the same as it was 4 yrs ago. I mean I thought college was supposed to change you and be exciting! But in my case nothing has happened! I commuted to a private college that was predominantly women- so I still don't have a boyfriend or first love. I am still struggling with being obese! I don't even have a car! And overall I am just not happy. I have many regrets. I didn't go to a party college. I didn't live in dorms. I never experience the fun "young years"people talk about. I joined a social greek org in college but they weren't so "social" and were extremely boring. Its like I try to reach out and do things but life keeps dragging me down. Every single choice I make is a mistake. Including the college choice I made which was the 4 most unhappiest years of my life. I keep looking online at colleges that I could have gone to...but it's too late!! The only step would be grad school and that is even more boring. Anyway I currently have a Nursing degree (i also had no life in school because I was studying to become a nurse). But I feel like once I start to work a nursing job I definitely wont have a life...its like saying "bye bye youth that I never had". All my friends are so boring and most don't even drive!! I live in a boring town and just feel miserable... sorry for the lengthy information but I just want to know...is it normal to be having a "midlife crises" or mourn your youth at 22?
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Sherley Sherley | 7 days ago
well , it depends on your definition of "lost youth" Society and culture has the tendency to tell us what a "good childhood" should be like and what a "bad childhood" is however , we all come from different different walks of life. Therefore, what might be labeled as a good childhood for one person may differ for another. To put it simply, the views we have on most things in our lives are not governed by our own thoughts and emotions, but by what the media produces . The superficiality of a "good childhood" is an overrated product used for advertising and market gain. you know how they say "the grass is always greener?" Everyone is susceptible to this because everyone has at least in one point of their life been victims to the media's influence. No matter how rich someone is , the grass is always for some reason greener on the other side.. It is important to remind yourself that your childhood does not define you, and neither does your past. They key is to forget whatever it is that is bothering you, and keep the lessons you have learned. To move foward and live the life you have always wanted. and most importantly to "let go" meaning that we do not "own" our experiences, we have no control over where we are born, the people we encounter, how those people may act, what may happen or even the air we breath the only thing we will ever have control over throughout our entire lifetime, is our mind. Don't let the media tell you what a childhood is supposed to be, and dont let anybody fool you into thinking that you're memories are not at your disposal. It is your mind and you can choose to do with it what you wish. I hope this helps, best of luck
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Peninna Peninna
Why you want changes ? My life is the same since 18 until now I'm 25. I get married but nothing changed I still have gfs.
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Marje Marje
Yes you can. You obviously need to move to a bigger town/city or re-asses your situation. You still have time to enjoy your youth. Learn from your mistakes. You are still young.
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