Why an instead of a, in "an hour"?

Why an instead of a, in "an hour"? Topic: Why an instead of a, in "an hour"?
June 26, 2019 / By Thomasina
Question: I'm helping my daughter with her homework and she asks me: Why do we say "an hour"? We say a horse, a house, why is hour different? Help me, is there any logic or rules? Mark Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Rose Rose | 5 days ago
We use "an" rather than "a" before any word that starts with a vowel SOUND, not necessarily with a vowel. "Hour" is an example of this (as is honest, honorable, etc.) because the "h" is not sounded.
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Muriel Muriel
Yes, there is logic to it. The 'h' is silent in hour, but not horse, house, and so on. Anytime the 'h' is silent, we treat that word as though it starts with a vowel.
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Lolicia Lolicia
Because the rule is not if a vowel follows, it's if a vowel sound follows. Many people don't know this and incorrectly use 'an' when 'a' should be used, vise-versa. For one example... most people would say, "I drive an SUV." Although it sounds better, the proper way is to say, "I drive a SUV."
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Karyn Karyn
The reason is simple. The h in hour is silent h l You don't pronounce it.Hence the o is distinctly pronounced
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