Why are certain drugs ILLEGAL?

Why are certain drugs ILLEGAL? Topic: Why are certain drugs ILLEGAL?
June 27, 2019 / By Anna
Question: Why is marijuana, crack, heroine, LSD, PSP, meth ILLEGAL? Why did the government make those drugs illegal? Is it because they are dangerous and bad for you? I think it has nothing to do with it being good for you or not. Cigarettes are the most dangerous drug and its killing so many people. The government wont make cigarettes illegal cause all the money from the taxes from the cigarette companies. If the government could make so much money from cigarette taxes, why cant the government legalize all drugs? There are so many people addicted to cigarettes. I think a good idea would be to make all cigarette containers cost 100 dollars or more. That way people that are addicted would think twice about buying it.
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Windsor Windsor | 3 days ago
You're right. It has nothing to do with what's good or bad for you. The truth is, the passage of all the controlled substance laws before Regan's "War on Drugs" actually have their roots in racism and corporate greed, and were fueled by yellow journalism. Marijuana, in particular, is illegal because, starting in the early 1900s, bad feelings grew between illegal and legal Mexican immigrants and the white settlers in the southwest. Partly because of the Mexican civil war spilling over into conflicts in the southwest, and also over the competition for agricultural jobs. The Great Depression finally brought this competition to a head. The fact that Mexicans brought marijuana from Mexico (and grew it at a huge profit) was seized upon as leverage against them. One Texas state senator actually said on the senate floor, "All Mexicans are crazy, and this stuff [marijuana] is what makes them crazy." Around the same time (early 30's to mid 40's), in the east, marijuana made it's way onto the the jazz scene, and stories of violent, "marijuana-crazed [blacks] and Mexicans" attacking white women and enticing white children to smoke marijuana, were spread by otherwise reputable newspapers. Obviously, no evidence of this has ever been found, not even an accusation. Big businesses like DuPont and Hearst lobbied for the passage of these laws in their states for their own financial gain. By eliminating the competition from hemp, they drove up the demand (and the price) for their wood -based paper processing. Similarly, cocaine is illegal because the mass media manufactured an epidemic of cocaine use among African Americans in the Southern United States to play upon racial prejudices. In 1914, an actual doctor testified that, “Most of the attacks upon the white women of the south are the direct result of a cocaine-crazed [black] brain.” Yeah, seriously. Heroin (and other opiates) are illegal because of same racial hatred toward Asian immigrants on both coasts. Both were criminalized by the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914. Kids, the moral of the story is: Don't believe everything you're told. Politicians, lobbyists, corporations, and the media all have their own motives, and sometimes they aren't good ones. Some, like racism, are down-right evil. So do your own research and come to your own conclusions.
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Windsor Originally Answered: Legal and illegal drugs?
> And yet another drug for depression had a side affect of a "Sense of impending doom". That one made me and my psychologist gf turn towards each other and stare incredulously when we saw it :) Still, having done the statistical analysis of her dissertation dealing on part with side effects of certain psychotropic drugs in certain populations, I can tell you your overall rhetoric is all wrong. The short answer as to why that is is this: the risks of side effects are small enough to be considered acceptable considering the benefits. Not everyone gets the side effects and no one gets all the side effects. What they can't say on a short commercial is that it is generally known what the risks factors are for each side effect, and that is why they tell you to talk to a doctor. the doctor may be able to tell you based on your medical history that you are at a too high risk for increased blood pressure for example, and so that drug is not appropriate for you. There might be better arguments for making some illegal drugs legal, but worrying about the side effects of legal drugs is not part of any of them. If you want to go that way, then argue that their should be the same large scale testing of the illegal drugs, and that somehow they should be subject to all the same regulatory aspects of manufacturing and marketing and delivery as well, and that the researched side effects would then be acceptable by the same reasons the ones you mentioned above are acceptable risks. If you started that today, expect it to take 15-20 years at least to do the proper studies for each and every drug you are concerned about. Maybe you could then explain how you would regulate the manufacturing and distribution channels - I can imagine running tests, but how can you be sure that coke or meth or E heroin or weed or whatever was of pharmaceutical grade? Will the illicit, well funded, and well-armed manufacturing and distribution channels simply go away, or simply comply with new regulations? I somehow just don't see that happening, but I would love to hear via PM any reader's opinions on how that would work.

Seymour Seymour
If your question is why cigarettes are illegal and other drugs aren't I'd say it's because at one time smoking cigarettes was socially acceptable, even thought of as good for you, so it became very popular. It is still considered acceptable by most people, and is so widespread that if it was made illegal like marijuana and whatever it would cause uproar, because it is such a big thing in most people's lives. Also, for what it's worth I think some governments are working towards a total smoking ban, by increasing taxes on cigarettes and banning smoking in enclosed public places etc. (That's what's going on in Ireland anyway)
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Nevan Nevan
Yes cigarettes are a drug in its own right as it is harmful to one. the one drug I think should be legal is Marijuana. This is a minor behavior altering drug and it is not as harmful as some. I think that Meths and those should be illegal as they eat away at your brain and are highly addictive these should be kept away from people as they are incredibly bad for you. But I still think Marijuana should be legal. It is in some countries already. Holland etc.
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King King
The interior sight American church is the only team that makes use of peyote. and you need to understand that they are oftentimes frowned upon via the final public of Natives, who've continually been against employing suggestions-changing drugs. in fact, the peyote church replaced into outlawed via all the reservations, and not until the U. S. government stepped in and reported we had to tolerate them, have been they in a position to function overtly. we actually do no longer evaluate them to be a valid form of any interior sight custom. That reported, even the peyote clientele do no longer use it recreationally, yet ceremonially, and in an extremely dilute kind.
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Humphrey Humphrey
This is the easiest question to answer! Because they Kill. Many, many kids everyday die of drug overdose or just simply taking a drug for the first time like x can kill you in a minute.
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