Why are male doctors allowed to examine girls?

Why are male doctors allowed to examine girls? Topic: Why are male doctors allowed to examine girls?
June 19, 2019 / By Tami
Question: Why is it so commonly accepted that it is perfectly fine for male doctors to work on underage girls when private areas must be exposed and/or worked on? This includes pediatricians doing sports physicals, gynecologists, and things of that nature. Most people who commit these crimes are men and girls usually have more tests done This is not to say all doctors have evil intents and dirty thoughts while working on young girls, as I would like to believe the majority of the doctors genuinely want to help the patients, but then again, how do you prove that a doctor is having no dirty thoughts? There is no way to truly prove a doctor isn't, as a doctor can simply lie when asked. Again, I am not saying all male doctors are pedophiles, but there is always a chance. You might ask then how do you prove that a doctor is having dirty thoughts? Well, there are many cases of doctors taking it too far and molesting their patients. Even though the chances of this happening are low, why even take the risk? You can't take it back once the victim has been molested or violated. Chances of molestation are much less likely when having a doctor of the same gender. People argue about the possibility of the doctor being gay. Yes, this is true, but it also much less likely and still not as bad as. Would you rather have a man walk into a young girl's dressing room, bathroom, or any such place or would you rather have a gay woman? Obviously the man would get in some type of trouble and the girls inside said place would likely be upset over the situation, but if it was a gay woman there would be less concern if any. So, doctors are there to help us and some say that is why there is no problem. Teachers are there to help us too, so what if a male teacher was to go into a girls locker room, while they were changing or taking a showing, to check and make sure nothing is wrong? The teacher would likely be fired and there would be angry parents. Why would people be bothered by something such as this, but yet have no problem with children spreading their legs for doctors? If I was a pedophile then this would be the perfect job for me to legally get my hands on girls
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Rheta Rheta | 8 days ago
Men aren't the only ones who can be pedos you know. Nice novel by the way. I'd combine it with your other essays on this subject, and make a book.
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Rheta Originally Answered: Do you guys accept what doctors tell you because they are doctors?
Depends on the doctor, but in general, no. I'm a nurse, so thankfully I have some medical background. I always do my own research and ask colleagues about many aspects of health, I agree with you, do your own research. You are (for the most part) in control of your own health.

Mildreth Mildreth
for the same reason a female doctor can do a prostate check. They are medical professionals, and under ideal situations they would have male doctors examine males, and females examine female patients. Most of the time, there is a witness in the room to alleviate false allegations.
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Libby Libby
If I had a child who had something wrong with her down there, and she needed to see a doctor or specialist about it, I would stay in the room, and have him explain, while he's doing it, exactly what he's doing to her. I think someone has to be in the room anyway. But I can see what you're saying. But if a child needs to be checked, she needs to be checked. When I was little, like a baby, I had to go get checked down in that area by a doctor. It happens. Hope I helped :D
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Juliette Juliette
That's different. They're a D-O-C-T-O-R. It's in their job description. That would be like accusing my dentist of having an oral fixation, or my Post-man of trespassing. Of course, anyone is capable of being a pedophile, but damned if I'm not going to trust the man who went through nearly a decade of school to make me feel better.
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Glory Glory
If that one male doctor can spot a cancer in a child and save it's life, I am thankful that he wasn't put off by rubbish like this. Remember: if one child dies because of your nonsense, you are responsible.
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Destiny Destiny
That's like saying "Why are males allowed to be around my daughter?" What about teachers, tutors, church leaders, friends' parents, etc.? You can't protect your children from everything all of the time. It's impossible and it'd do more harm than good if it were possible...
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Candace Candace
You do know that almost always someone else is also in the room, right? Plus, what about homosexual male pediatricians or female pediatricians?
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Sounds like a homework to me again. Was this asked by your professor? You should be doing your own reading but here is a helpful link that can get you started on: http://www.stoa.org/hopper/text.jsp?doc=... Enjoy reading. If I were there and I really listened, I would probably get it on my own. Goodluck!

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