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Question: I'm writing an essay on why models are a bad influence but I also need to say why they are a good influence...I can't really think of any reasons why they would be good! any suggestions? thanks x
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Vernon Vernon | 5 days ago
I suppose any successful career women can be seen as a good influence on girls because they show that with hard work, you can be successful/achieve your goals instead of sitting around doing nothing. Successful models could be an example of that and they could inspire girls to work hard and pursue a career. Also, they inspire girls to take pride and care in their appearance (ok, not the unhealthy ones lol, but the ones who are healthy - they watch what they eat, work out and take care of their appearance). This may seem trivial, but looking after your body and appearance is important for self confidence and prepares you for the world, where (sadly), we are all too often judged by how we look.
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Rory Rory
I read an article that they are good role models because they look after their bodies ( the ones who arent anorexic or have eating disorders) the ones that eat healthy and exercise. Also because they have suceeded of making something of thereselves in life, ( not the ones who show off their boobs or glamour modelling) the ones who are in high fashion and keep their clothes on. Also because a lot of supermodels are not just beautiful but intelligent aswell, youll have to research some models that have university degrees because i believe some do. Other then that i cant think of positive influence because lets face it they dont have a lot of good influence on girls do they, they just make normies feel like cr*p.
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Monte Monte
One good influence I can think of is that they are earning a lot of money for their age. I think it is a good influence to see teens who are disciplined enough to get to assignments on time and be attentive to the clients' advertising needs as they do their job. Some of them also do great charity work but they don't talk about it very much. In the Dec/Jan issue of Teen Vogue, there is an article about Kate Somers, a 17 yr old Canadian runway model. She raised $9000 through a fundraiser at her high school in Canada. Then, she went to Kenya for a month and used the money to build a school there. Pretty great thing to do, I think!! : P
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Kay Kay
They can be a good influence because they can promote body confidence (not always, size zero models etc.) . Models work to flaunt their bodies and what they wear, so it can show feminism by using your body in a way in which you as the model are in control of, and pretty much have the power in the job as you use your body to an ethical advantage. Of course, it is very easy to lose the control when designers etc. pressure for smaller sizes, but if models have enough confidence to look for people who will hire them for who they are, they are in fact promoting a healthier body image. As well as this they do go out on their own, and rely on themselves to book a job, and make their career, so they can influence independence too. :D hope this helps!
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