Why are people opposed to the modern feminist movement?

Why are people opposed to the modern feminist movement? Topic: Why are people opposed to the modern feminist movement?
June 26, 2019 / By Terri
Question: My idea of the modern feminist movement is as follows: a study done at Johns Hopkins university showed that women job candidates with equal qualifications to that of men were less likely to be picked by both men and women bosses. This tells me women are disadvantaged and there may be a hidden prejudice whether we know it or not. My supervisor is trying to persuade other departments to push for hiring more women faculty (there is a disparity where I work). How can this be wrong? This was an experiment that employed fake resumes where no real people were depicted and no interviews were given. It was simply on the basis of the resume. I'm looking for the research paper in my email as it was sent out and I read it.
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Rosaleen Rosaleen | 3 days ago
Women are subjected to a huge double-standard. Good resume/CV, great qualifications, good education but their experience and quals get over-scrutinized. If she's done this, can she do that? People question whether a woman can "handle the job," using lame rationale. Lots of jobs in academia, but HR departments have a 'man' in mind not a woman. Women slipping backwards everyday: say "feminism" and people clam up, and all of a sudden more commercials, TV shows, films and mags crop up showing scantily-dressed women, overly made-up women, concerned with looks not business acumen. Feminists are losing ground, getting undermined by the same women they had hoped to help.
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Rosaleen Originally Answered: How can one help the feminist movement?
Call yourself a feminist. I was just hearing recently that there are plenty of women who embrace feminist ideas, but they don't want to call themselves feminists because of the negative bra-burning, man-hating connotations.

Mora Mora
There are several problems with "modern feminism" — feminism in places where women already have equal rights and opportunities. Feminists now work to force "equality" in results and outcomes, even though men and women make different choices in life. Idealistic notions of "equality" are often impractical. Women take off more sick days, and women take off extended periods of time or even quit after the birth of a child. These are some of the real world factors employers must consider when hiring women.
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Lisha Lisha
That is extremely sexist. I hate how many engineering / software companies try to hire an equal amount of male and female candidates. The fair thing to do is hire the best candidates. In these fields, about 90% of the candidates are men. How is it far that the 10% of women are far more likely to be hired simply based on their gender!?
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Karena Karena
I believe everyone should be treated equally under the law. Feminists have lobbied for and won many pieces of legislation which gender discriminate favoring women over men. - That's not treating people equally, so I'm opposed to it. If you believe there are instances in which women are discriminated against, then try to stop that discrimination, but stopping discrimination against women and discriminating against men and in favor of women are not the same thing. ~
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Happy Happy
Simple - because it claims to be about "equality" but it only fights for the rights of women. For some reason, a lot of people still don't get this. > Men are committing suicide in vastly higher numbers than women, yet more help is available and encouraged for women. > Men die, on average, 4 years earlier than women yet more is spent on womens health. ...these are just two examples, I could go on. Feminism refuses to address these issues, and instead mocks them, aven though they are about "equality". And THAT is why it faces so much opposition.
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Happy Originally Answered: What do you think of this Radical Feminist Manifesto?
It's a great set of pledges. Anyone who has bothered to read about feminism's history, as a social movement, knows this is the case. Reb - America has always been a big voice (in fact one of the biggest with a massive veto power) in the United Nations. Is this why it is corrupt or because it placed a obstacle to war? America has been ejected from numerous commissions for: among other things refusal to subscribe to treaties banning land-mines and nuclear tests, and to the setting up of an international criminal court; its dismissal of the Kyoto agreement to limit greenhouse gases; and its refusal to back calls for cheaper HIV/Aids drugs for poorer countries. Reb - True, but hardly a surprise when the US government does its level best to work and act outside and against the UN. 25% of the bill doesn't mean you 'buy' favorable decisions. A country is either in the UN or out. America clashes with other countries in the UN because it puts a damper on self-serving foreign policy in addition to the other human-rights failures I listed. The UN is not corruption-free, but that doesn't exonerate America's shoddy relationship to it. Reb: Why? Because it's a collective body of decision making and any country not playing along because of disagreement with the majority 'democratically arrived at' decision of the other countries evidently believes it stands above the UN. This has already been demonstrated re: Iraq.

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