Why are there a lot of Walmarts in Brazil and Mexico?

Why are there a lot of Walmarts in Brazil and Mexico? Topic: Why are there a lot of Walmarts in Brazil and Mexico?
June 26, 2019 / By Vena
Question: I don't know much about business but I'm wondering why there are a lot of Walmarts in Mexico and Brazil but little in Europe? I heard they're even planning on opening Walmarts in India and Philippines too...why?
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Seona Seona | 5 days ago
Brazil and Mexico are "young" economies that have been growing quite steadily, and many of the very poor are being lifted into being less poor or into the medium class. As a consequence, they can afford more - and that includes traveling to a big box store to buy food, and also some money left for discretionary items. Walmart capitalizes on this growth to expand its network. By its sheer size, Walmart is able to negotiate better prices than its smaller competitors, and can price out many local grocery chains. However, this does kill all of the small local competitors - that is because, if you are poor and if you live in a far away neighborhood, most probably you don't own a car and have to take public transportation (bus or train) to go to a Walmart store; while there are small local stores next to your door. In economic terms, Walmart benefits everyone - because it makes the economy more efficient and more productive, and it also employs people that most likely would be unemployed otherwise.
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Olive Olive
In any area that is economically distressed, Walmarts thrive. They cater to people who cannot afford to pay more than the smallest amount for consumer goods, and to cities who are desperate for the tax income a big-box store like this generates. The down side of this is that where Walmart goes, small businesses fail because they cannot compete with ultra-cheap Chinese imports purchased in massive quantities. The pay and benefits offered to Walmart employees is probably a lot better than people there are accustomed to, as well. To a poorer nation, these pros vs. cons are pretty lopsided in favor of Walmart. Europe, on the other hand, has made a conscious choice to preserve local businesses and independently owned shops, so they refuse to allow Walmart license to operate. If a town is not economically distressed enough to need the tax revenue, they usually prefer retaining their traditions and variety of independent retailers. Most countries in Europe also have higher minimum standards for employee pay and benefits, which means Walmart stores would instantly be less profitable.
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Madlyn Madlyn
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Keren Keren
K.B. isposing as expertin Brazil.Mexico bu this answer is dumb, To start, there's no a lot of Walmarts in Brazil. MOST supermarkets are brazilians and most items are made in Brazil. Not in China. Dude, most supermarkets and hipermarkets in Brazil are owned by Brazilian groups and sallaries payed in Brazilian supermarkets are better if compared to the sallaries payed by Walmart. You (in USA) are used to believe in a lot of misconceptions. "Brazil is poor" is just one among many statements. Europe is broken and Brazil lended some billion dollars for helping them. That's why because Walmart and any group wanna close, instead opening some store in Europe. If Walmart open stores in some place this means that place is a good market for them making money but the silly answer of KB say the contrary: the most miserable places are chosen by Walmart CEOs. Probably, as warranty they will break down as soon as possible, the secret wish of any businessman. I Invite you to visit my channel "What's Like Brazil?". This is my playlist "Shopping in Brazil" where you will see some supermarkets chains: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB... This is my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/WhatsLikeBra... or alternative link: http://www.youtube.com/user/WhatsLikeBra...
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