Why aren't free markets perfect?

Why aren't free markets perfect? Topic: Why aren't free markets perfect?
June 27, 2019 / By Allie
Question: I'm self-studying microeconomics before college (my hs doesn't offer econ) and got stuck at the last essay question on this website I found. Here's the question. Proponents of free market systems argue that free enterprise leads to more efficient production and better response to changing consumer preferences. But others point to the fact that markets are not perfect. Why aren't markets perfect? just for reference: http://wps.prenhall.com/bp_casefair_econf_7e/30/7931/2030401.cw/index.html this was my answer: (totally bs'ed) Outside stimuli will continue altering the current market as in nature with natural selection. The market continually improves itself but because it has to keep up with its environment, it is never truly perfect.
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Uz Uz | 9 days ago
Is anything truly ever perfect? What is perfect, and how do we calculate it? For example lets look at a market. What is a market and why does it exist? A market only exist from the voluntary actions and transactions of individuals pursuing their own interest. So it is a man-made mechanism that is made up of imperfect beings, and exist for the sole purpose to exchange goods and services that people wish to acquire. In my opinion a free market for the most part is a self-regulating mechanism that allocates resources with alternative uses quite well. But my opinion is subjective, just like anybody else's perception of "perfect"
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Rodger Rodger
The simple answer is, markets aren't perfect because people aren't perfect. A slightly more Economic answer is, markets aren't perfect for several reasons; such as the imperfect exchange of information, the fact that not all people are rational all of the time; and any market is built upon a framework of laws and traditions, and often imperfect laws create perverse incentives in the market.
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Midian Midian
It is perfect if we give long enough time to adjust,called the long run.Invisible hand can really solve all of the problems.But we have to suffer from boom and bust,until it reaches the bottom,or peak. People will come in and criticize before the process is going through.
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Julian Julian
Its simple,it is not perfect owing to its coordinated with violation. In other word,politicaly disturbance hindared the market as there is less willingness in investment to the people.
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