why do i feel this way?

why do i feel this way? Topic: why do i feel this way?
May 24, 2019 / By Abia
Question: I feel like everything in my life has changed, but its it for good ? I'm attending college but for some reason i feel like i'm not going anywhere. I feel like my boyfriend is not going to be there for me in the long run as well. And ive lost all my friends mainly because they were all into drugs and drank every single day and i really wanted to get away from that because i was the same way .But now that i'm not , i'm left with nobody to talk to but my boyfriend and i know thats not healthy. How do i meet new friends that are 'normal" i guess when i'm just used to befriending people like my old friend omg please help.
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Shulamite Shulamite | 10 days ago
I've had that kind of problem too. I'm in high school though, no boyfriend. but I've lost friends to drugs and kind of feel like my life is pointless at times. constant routine of school and homework and nothing else. for friends, you just kind of have to jump into it. theres really no easy way to make friends. I would try clubs, or you know, if theres group events, fun things to do, try that. If you know some ppl that really aren't your friends, try to get to know them. may turn our you don't really like them, but it's worth a try. and maybe have a talk with your boyfriend. see if anything can be done to help your relationship. I hope this helped some how :)
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Phemie Phemie
Well since you're in college talk to some people after classes. Talk to professors even. Just go up to a random person and talk to them. And about your boyfriend from the sounds of it you're still young so if he leaves don't take it too hard. You're still growing up.
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Marni Marni
I am in the same situation... I'm learning to become more independent and keep my guard up. You'll find some amazing people Throughout life and you'll meet some bad ones. Do whats good for you and keep up your studies in college. Good luck!
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aww i feel so sorry for you.. i feel like that from time to time .. i mean iv never moved school but sometimes you can feel really far apart from your friends even though you see them at school all the time. I always have to remind myself that when you feel lonely and upset and far from your friends you can never be far away from your family .. i don't know what i would do without my family :) so when ur feeling lonely spend time with your family oh and maybe get them to help with your homework thats multi-tasking :) hope you feel better quickly :) :)

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