Why do my teachers hate me?

Why do my teachers hate me? Topic: Why do my teachers hate me?
June 24, 2019 / By Suzette
Question: I always think my teachers hate me. I'm in the Gifted Class, and I get straight A's, and I do try really hard and put in a lot of studying time. But I feel like my teachers never pay attention to me. They seem to always talk to the class clowns, just about general stuff like movies, football games, etc. And I do extra stuff to help out too. Today we were putting our textbooks away and my teacher complained that people just stacked them right next to the bookshelf, without putting them away in order like we are supposed to. So there was about 4 books, and my teacher was next to the shelf so I went up and just put them all way, in numerical order, and my teacher didn't say anything. Not a thank you, or anything and I know he saw me because I was literally standing right next to him. Then it's like I always try to do stuff, but when I fail or don't do as well, that's the only time they call me out on it. I have problems just like everyone else but I don't think my teachers would care. I just think my teachers hate me, as they always ignore me,. Sometimes I take extra long to pick up my stuff and leave just in hopes my teacher will say something to me. The best day of the school year was when my teacher said "Hey whats up?! How are you?!" and it's just little things like that that make me happy but the rest of the time I feel completely invisible. I feel stupid because I know my teacher asks certain people(the ones they talk to) the harder questions, but they always give me the easy questions and they give me some hints, even though I know I"m smart and I CAN answer harder questions. I feel like they hate me, can anyone explain what I am or am not doing right?
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Ravenna Ravenna | 2 days ago
I think 'hate' is too strong a word. It's probably more the case that they don't notice you for some reason perhaps because you are fairly quiet (could that be the case?). Teachers tend to notice the loud and outgoing kids more than the quiet studious ones and the outgoing kids can monopolise their time because of that. As you say you're in the gifted class, I'm assuming the class clowns are also clever so the teacher can't be spending time talking to them because they need help, so it must simply be that they've got some subjects in common that they can talk to them about whereas they may know nothing about you apart from what you do in your school work. With teachers, they're only human and if there's a kid who's a trouble maker or a complete slob or something, then they're bound to be less appealing than a kid who's chatty and funny. It can also go the other way and a kid who's very quiet and doesn't talk much can go unnoticed or be thought of as boring simply because they don't ever have anything to chat to the teacher about. But whatever the reason, you won't be there forever, so just carry on doing well in your school work and put it all behind you when you leave.
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Ravenna Originally Answered: What kind of research has been done on how special ed teachers are treated differently from other teachers?
Before I started teaching Special Ed my MIL told me to be prepared to be treated like an outsider. She was in the district I was going to be working in for 15 years as a SpEd Aide. I had one advantage, I was a graduate of the high school where I was going to be teaching and had lived in the town my whole life. There were still teachers there that I had as a student. Fortunately for me I was a good kid in school and that reputation has followed me into adulthood. There were some teachers that did ignore me unless they absolutely had to talk to me about a student. The regular ed teachers also got upset when one my kids was placed in their class, especially teachers who taught electives. They thought that all special ed students should stay with us (there are 5 SpEd teachers at our HS) However, by law we can only have 10 students and we do have the 10 kids that they wouldn't want in their class because of behaviors!! Since the first year, things have gotten better and I have several teachers that I am friends with, although there is some stigma with me being a SpEd teacher. I am also involved as a sponsor for other things so I can have interaction with "regular" students as well as the faculty as a whole. It does take a special person to be a teacher and someone extra special to be a special ed teacher. p/s SpEd teachers in our district get a specified percentage over the base pay for being special ed teachers.

Merilyn Merilyn
Like most jobs there are things to like and dislike! I volunteer in the public school and am good friends with three of the teachers in the school as well, so I hear how it really is. There's a lot of red tape with education, it's not just about teaching little minds, it's reports and administrative and ordering limits. There's dealing with school board budget cuts, staff cuts, and overfilled class rooms. And of course there's always a student or two that make the best teachers pray for June! But really, why willingly do something if you hate it??
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Leonore Leonore
Well, some teachers can be like that. Those are the 'fun' but 'childish' teachers. They don't hate you, don't worry, I've had many teachers like this before. All I did was play along and learn to have fun, talk about stuff they like talking about. Kind of like pretending that the teacher is just another student, I guess.
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Jordon Jordon
I don't think They hate You at ALL. They just take You for Granted- because They KNOW you can "Ace" everything, & can Academically take care of Yourself... Do You "Need" -Attention ( like the Class Clowns Do), or can You handle your Assignments Independently & on Your Own ?? "Attention" is for the Emotionally "needy..." Good Works speak for Themselves- in good Grades that will get you further than Attention EVER will... :)
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Georgene Georgene
Well maybe cause they already know your smart and they don't need to be bugging you around like the other not as smart people
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Georgene Originally Answered: teachers. I need your help on this.?
okay, i'm not a teacher even though I'm an 18 year old college student working in a preschool classroom (yes i get paid to play, open their lunches for them and read books to them) but I WAS the student you describe you are. I was that ALL THROUGHOUT middle and high school. Let me tell you, just GET used to it. Friends do end up hating on you, but they are JEALOUS. Trust me, by sophomore year, i was called the B word behind my back by many. Your teachers, believe it or not, see something special in you. They believe you will go far and you must have a personality that is distinctive. Trust me, I used to get embarrassed when they'd hold up class just cause I missed that day. By my senior year though, i took advantage of the positive attention I had from my teachers. I don't recommend this: I started skipping a lot. Our high school isn't the best, once me and a guy were in another classroom and the substitute was sleeping, she woke up and found her room a mess and called security. Problem was, there was no security in the halls. They always do whatever they want. So yeah, I always got away with pranks on my teachers, skipping and they wouldnt write me up, and things like that but hey...i still graduated top 20 in my class.. so take ADVANTAGE of this. When you go to high school, try to get teacher's attentions by showing them your personality, having them see you are a genuine person, and keep getting A's. You'll need at least 3 letters of recommendations for your high school portfolio when you graduate (trust me I had MANY of them), and you'll need support/help from teachers. They have great advice and are willing to help students. i know it gets annoying, and they do joke around more, but that's because they like you more and can't help it. This is a positive sign. All my male teachers loved to joke with me and my female teachers called on me randomly, even when they knew I would say something stupid. This has carried on into my college life too. I have been called Professor's Pet many times. (teachers pet) just take advantage. Its a good position to be in and if you dont see it now, you will by the end of your high school career. Good luck.

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