Why do so many kids use this as their personal homework forum?

Why do so many kids use this as their personal homework forum? Topic: Why do so many kids use this as their personal homework forum?
June 26, 2019 / By Sylvia
Question: I have noticed the increased amount of kids asking for assistance with assignments. When I say assistance, I mean that they expect us to do the work for them. My question is: are children just increasingly lazy (i.e. instead of looking up the answer they use yahoo) or just too stupid to understand literature? I can understand math assistance but literature is another story.What are your thoughts? Also, do you think that yahoo is contributing to the problem by having a section for homework help? I agree with fiesty. If you do not abuse it that is fine. However, I am not attacking all kids who actually do use this as a place for help. My example used as a basis for this theory was of a girl I saw who wanted someone to write her essay. She even went as far as saying that she wanted them to write it the way she wrote so that she could cut and paste. I have no qualms about helping people by critiqing their work. Especially, if they are not well-versed in the manner of how to write a proper essay or grammar. I know that I became a better writer because people went over my papers to tell me what my mistakes were. Gradually, I stopped making the same mistakes. Finally, I was just curious to how students can use this place as a resource for essays. What ever happened to citing your sources. I find this to be puzzling with such websites as turnitin.com The reason that I used the phrase "too stupid" is because I tutor students all the time and I have had kids who are entering college who could not understand literature such as 'Pride and Prejudice" and "To Kill A mockingbird". I just wondered whether students were not bright enough to decipher these or just too lazy to open up a dictionary to understand a word.
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Rebeckah Rebeckah | 3 days ago
As a middle school teacher I have found that they are extremely lazy. Their parents do everything for them in most cases and they expect someone to do their homework for them as well. Why do homework when you can be watching TV, playing video games or hanging out with friends, right?
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Rebeckah Originally Answered: Can we salvage this forum?
Dear MBustier-- I can appreciate your remarks. I do so appreciate literary questions of substance and thought. I, like you, am finding inane questions about Twilight or Harry Potter insubstantial. But I did so enjoy a couple of questions about Nathaniel Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown, and "The Custom House" prologue to The Scalet Letter. Here is an excerpt I researched briefly and pasted into an answer. Goodman Brown: 1. “The young man has the vulnerability of youth and, having newly yielded to the persuasions of the Devil, he has been led step by step to mistrust all he had believed in” (Abel 131). 2. “Since Brown never masters the lessons Goody Cloyse tried to teach him, he cannot fit spiritually, emotionally, or psychologically into his own society” (Franklin 82). Return to Text. that fearful dream: Levy writes that through this metaphor “the many hints of Brown’s unconscious fascination with evil are communicated, but Hawthorne recognizes that our waking life and the life of dreams are bound up together--that life is like a dream in its revelation of terrifying truths. His point is that the truth conveyed in the dream--that faith may betray us--is also a truth of waking experience” (116). Return to Text. itech.fgcu.edu (American Lit Research Analysis site) I sense that many of the people are young, without literary backgrounds, and inexperienced. They seem to want us to do their work for them--tell them their fledgling titles, do their literary criticism, answer their homework questions, and critique their dashed-off creative streams of consciousness. I wonder if it occurs to them to even Google or use the Research box for Yahoo Search and Wikipedia to do minimal search for their questions. Obviously not. But I have three degrees in literature, American and English. I am a published author with a number of books and educational texts, and I am retired. I joined this forum to see what would come up. I answer what I can, seriously and thoughtfully, as I am doing now, and the rest, I overlook. You have no control. You assume that there is a considered critical mass of masterful thinkers or at very least, considerate readers and writers who will be there each day, ready to jump in with the substantive answer. Maybe, maybe not. I asked the question "How many folks on this site are over 45?" I got three yes answers and the rest people 15 and up to 28. So, with those ages as indicators, I couldn't encourage a big hope for the educated and degreed intelligensia to emerge. I am glad to meet you, however, and if we should connect again on a question, I'd be honored to share an answer page with you. SDiane Adamz-Bogus

Meryl Meryl
Because we (as a group) enable them! Look how many people GIVE them the answers -- just so they can show how smart they are! It's fine to give websites, edit essays, give math examples, etc. But to answer laundry lists of questions, write essays (although I do admit to a few tongue-in-cheek anti-cheating lectures), etc. -- that just makes them keep coming back. The ABSOLUTE WORST offenders are those who either are, or claim to be, teachers that give the answers! I don't think Y!A contributes to it by having a homework section. If it wasn't here, the kids would just go to the history, math, etc. sections -- like many already do. I think Y!A DOES contribute to it by ALLOWING blatant cheating and allowing violations of those of us who do not give the kiddies the exact answers they want. It should be clearly stated in the Community Guidelines that any "questions" that even look like cheating are grounds for violation. Them's my thoughts! Edit: To address Dancin and Mr. G. I went and looked Neither of you appear to be the type of student who abuses Y!A. There is nothing wrong with asking for HELP! But there is a LOT wrong with using this site to cheat!
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Lettice Lettice
That's COMPLETLY untrue! I just finished middle school. I only used Y!A twice. I was sick, and the teacher was sick when I came back. I don't trust others when it comes to school. I agree some of us are lazy! But "too stupid to understand literature" is going beyond the line! I love having fun, I do things I'm not supposed too, and I have an interesting social life, but that doesn't I'm "too stupid to understand literature". If a teacher were to say to me: "If ifs' and buts' were candy and nuts, everyday would be Christmas. " I could easily explain it to a 4 year old. You can't be judgemental. These past two years, all over the US, the curriculums have changed. Sometimes teachers don't even know what they're teaching. Your not sitting behind the desk! I honestly can't repeat to you what I should have learned. When teachers are blabbing about their love life, what they did for the weekend, and etc. instead of teaching it's hard not to enjoy not learning for a minuete. Then he/she will wonder why we are so "out of control". She talks off topic, so we talk off topic... She sends home a worksheet and we don't know what to do so we look for resources.
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Joyce Joyce
i've got had themes with my 15 y.o. step-son going out of bounds on the bounds we've located on his information superhighway utilization. i in my opinion sense that 15 could desire to be sufficiently old to have the liberty to apply kit like IM, yet in line with adventure it variety of feels that each time a privilege is granted this is continually at that element concern to abuse. i think the base line is that it particularly relies upon on the adulthood point of the guy. key-word is adulthood. only because of the fact a toddler is clever would not propose they gained't make incorrect judgements. yet another key ingredient of the placement is to make it sparkling that this is only a privilege, no longer a suitable. And privileges may be revoked if the circumstances call for it. isn't parenting exciting???
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Ghislain Ghislain
i think thats why y!a created this-so kids can get help w/ their homework. i use this section plenty of times for help and to proofread assignments. theres nothing wrong w/ that
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I wouldn't go around reporting every site I see with those links. There are some sites that give legit downloads using those services.

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