Why do teachers make homework mandatory?

Why do teachers make homework mandatory? Topic: Why do teachers make homework mandatory?
July 16, 2019 / By Sunday
Question: I have a 100.37% average in Algebra II right now. Why? No homework in that class. How about my other classes? Well they are all between 83 and 94%. Why? Because of HOMEWORK. I feel like instead of punishing the students who actually comprehend and absorb the material with more work, they should offer homework assignments as a sort of a extra credit thing. That way the kids who really need it could benefit from it, and those who are satisfied with their A could not be forced to sacrifice their free time. the thought that i had homework doesn't stick to my brain. so i'll either forget, or going through that days events in my head, i'll remember but probably end up blowing it off for a nap.
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Rae Rae | 9 days ago
I kind of agree with you. There's research showing that homework doesn't accomplish anything in elementary school. In high school, certain kinds of homework help students- reading, writing papers- but rote exercises, math problems, etc. don't seem to have any effect at all. People claim it's to develop study habits, but the kind of studying you do in college is mostly the type I described as effective. A lot of homework is busy work, it keeps students from other, probably more rewarding activities, and it causes all kinds of problems for parents, who have a constant battle on their hands to get the kids to do the homework. At some schools, the parents have gotten together and demanded an end or reduction to homework.
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Teaching is a great career when you have school-aged children, since you get almost all of their days off, too. Other than that, I really don't know what teachers have that women in other professions don't. Although we may not have long hours at the office, as an English teacher I still have plenty of essays to grade over the weekend! So, really, the only way I see that teachers are better wives is if you equate wives with mothers.

Melisa Melisa
If they didn't make homework mandatory, the people who really needed it wouldn't do it, and the others would probably do it anyway just because they could. Your current approach will come back to bite you in the long run, because you are developing awful study habits. It may seem right now that you don't really need more, but eventually the difficulty of the work will make it so that you will need to put in the time, and if you are this nonchalant about your work, you will run into big trouble.
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Leeann Leeann
OH MY GOD SOOOOO TRUE. I have been saying this forever. I am 13 and I have decided that teachers suck. I mean, some do...We already spend you know like 7 hours a day there 5 days a week, why should I waste my time doing homework for something I don't care about!?!?! And we tell the teachers like "why are you giving us homework" and they just say "I want you to learn hun"...umm... first of all, don't call me hun' second of all, they don't want us to learn, they are only there to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... MRAH!!! i agree with you man. Also, you are lucky you don't have homework in math, thats my #1 homework class :(
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Jojo Jojo
I understand that homework is a pain in the neck - i'm a student myself :/ However, homework provides continuity for a subject making it easier for the information to go into our long term memory :)
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Gemma Gemma
No. i think of homework could be extra desirable prepare for individuals who don't comprehend the artwork. in case you get it or comprehend it, you are able to no longer ought to bypass domicile and do 30 prepare questions or notwithstanding.
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Dee Dee
Get over it. Homework provides extra practice. It helps bad test takers to get a chance to move up their grade. If you don't like homework, then drop out of school.
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Brittney Brittney
It's to help instill what you learned in class. To keep it fresh in your memory. It sucks, I know, but hey. Thats life.
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Brittney Originally Answered: What do you think of teachers who make you dedicate your whole LIFE to their class?
i freakin hate those teacher that only care about their class. They give so much hw n dont even think that we get hw from other classes as well. It pisses me offfff soooo much. OMG ugh. i totally kno how u feel n i get angry about it too. But u cant really do anything about it especially if ur in ap or honors like me. The teacher will just tell u to switch to regular or drop the class. They dont care.

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