Why do teachers think it okay to give so much Homework over BREAK?

Why do teachers think it okay to give so much Homework over BREAK? Topic: Why do teachers think it okay to give so much Homework over BREAK?
June 18, 2019 / By Arlene
Question: seriously like do u teachers have any lives??? i mean u don't even finish grading the first papers and stuff we turn in ... then you go around and give us more home work!!! i mean we have lives!!!!!!! most of u teachers dont even end up grading it untill like months later......god teachers suck....the whole point of a break is to have a "BREAK" plz teachers...try and understand..
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Zebulun Zebulun | 2 days ago
Because if the do not teach everything that is demanded of them. you will not do well and they will get the blame. You can get even and just choose to flunk. The public will not hold you responsible.
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Zebulun Originally Answered: Why do teachers give so much homework over the weekend? Do they not want me to have a social life?
Your teachers were the nerdy kids in school that couldn't buy a date if their life depended on it. So now it's payback time for everyone who had a social life. That's why they give you so much homework over the weekend. Since they can't relive their high school days, they can still receive sick pleasure in knowing that they have ruined your weekend. If you walk past the front of their house, you can hear their load and maniacal cackle. Muwahahahahahaha!!!! Silly. They give you so much homework to prepare you for the high pressure world you are about to face. ----------------- Edit: Can't you people take a joke?

Sim Sim
I have a life! I have a husband, a 2 year old, and a 1 year old and am pregnant. I give my 6th grade class 1 page a night from Mon-Thurs, and on I dont give them any homework except to read 1 chapter of the book we are reading in class. I grade all my stuff at lunch, and Prep periods, but am now on maternity leave. I have friends, some teachers should lighten up a bit, but some a awesome, a lot of kids like me. You should all the cards i got! And by the way, I NEVER give homework during break, You are supposed to enjoy it.
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Omar Omar
I have to agree with you that excessive amounts of homework over a break are ridiculous, but.... We just want you to keep your head in the game, so to speak! We don't want you to have to start all over, after the break, with re-learning study skills and good study habits. Even a half hour each day should keep you sharp, so you don't have to start all over at square one! I can understand that you want to blow off a little steam here! Have you tried, respectfully, to talk to your teacher about this? Hope it works out well, and that you have a GREAT break, Girl B!
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Lawrence Lawrence
My teachers very rarely do that, but I like the idea of it. I would rather get my homework done over a long break, then to stress and turn in a piece of crap. Most of my teacher though give us a break. They say that they don't want to do homework over the week-end, and we shouldn't have to either.
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Jabin Jabin
Stop complaining with your lazy a$$. They give you homework so you can digest everything they've taught you before the "break" and stay sharp so they don't have to re-teach the same stuff. If you spend an hour a day on your studies, you'll be an A student at worse. Be thankful
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Jabin Originally Answered: Why does teachers give alot of home work?
obviously your grammar teacher isn't giving you enough... the only way to learn is to do it over and over again. You can either go to school from 7am-4pm like in Japan, or you can have homework.

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