Why does my life suck so bad ? Is there hope ?

Why does my life suck so bad ? Is there hope ? Topic: Why does my life suck so bad ? Is there hope ?
July 16, 2019 / By Sunshine
Question: I grew up in Florida in a family with a stay at home mom and a father that made $10/hour to support a family of 4. He ended up selling drugs to support the family and was a somewhat verbally/physically abusive guy. My parents split up/divorced in 1997 (My freshman year of high school.) which also turned out to be my last due to moving back and forth between parents. I finally got a ged in 2003 (big deal, everyone makes fun of you for it, or in the case of the military, it's not good enough.) So among many of my issues is I'm very indecisive, I can't make up my mind about anything for nothing. In the last 14 years I've moved from Tampa to Orlando to Tampa to Orlando to Tampa to Nashville to Ft. Myers to Nashville to Orlando to Nashville to Tampa to Nashville to Houston to Nashville to New Orleans to Nashville to New Orleans and am finally back in Houston (for who knows how long ?) I went to a state university in Nashville and tried to do it while working full time and just couldn't do it. When I try to study math my brain freezes up and i can't do anything. I'm now in my 3rd college still as a freshman. I got married in 2007 which was a huge mistake. I love my wife but shes just a mean person and selfish she only cares about herself and she throws punches for trivial things.. I'm 28 years old, None of my friends from school can even remember who I am. I have no friends and have had no friends since 1998. My days consist of playing on the computer or watching tv. The only jobs I can seem to get are grocery jobs at places like Wal-Mart or Kroger. I've always felt like I've had a higher calling in my life but I have nothing to work with. It's always been my dream to be a cop or in the military but i'm overweight, i have a ged, and because of my beautiful loving wife my credit is in the dumps because of 2 car repossessions. We both lost our jobs in 2009 and ended up living in a homeless shelter. We're still unemployed but this great charity is helping us out.. I want to be happy, I want to live a happy life. I don't even have to be rich but I'm spiraling out of control and have no idea what to do. I haven't truly been happy since 1996. Is there any hope for me ? Please don't reply with mean answers, I really need help and need real, and sincere answers.. Thank you..
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Raelyn Raelyn | 1 day ago
Yes we have hope as long as we have life. But you have proven yourself already as a good person and capable of success by the fact you are still with your wife and you went on and got your GED after you were unable to finish high school. Congratulations on such a job well done, so far. So yes, there is hope for you. Stay in college and get a part time job. Don't get involved with drugs or anyone who has anything to do with the dope. Keep your standards high for friends. Your wife is a good person and you will see this for yourself. She will be the happiness in your life for you because you are particular about who you associate with. So she was a good choice you made for yourself. You will see after you pay some more dues. She is paying hers same as you are. ................................They made me cut out most of my reply...................................... And finally, I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share with you some of my life experience. No one has an easy life and it isn't always a happy journey. But as long as we hang in there and stick it out, there is a marvelous reward. Your beautiful loving wife will turn out to be the best choice you ever made in life and will bring you peace, love, and happiness for many years after you and she get your dues paid. It is a wonderful life. Without the trials, troubles, and challenges it would be a bore. Be happy and look forward to what you are about to achieve. You're life is about to begin on a journey that is going to reward you with the most precious accomplishments this life of yours has to offer. You will soon see for yourself. One last word of importance. Please stay away from alcohol and drugs of any kind not prescribed legally by a doctor and don't take anyone else's prescriptions. You are the best ever and will succeed. its past my lunchtime...God Bless You and your sweet wife.
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Raelyn Originally Answered: why does my life suck?
Everyone goes through hard times. Don't think that the world is out to get you because there are plenty of people out there who have it worse than you do. I'm not critisizing you or trying to downsize your situation, and I do feel sorry for you. All I'm saying is to look on the bright side. Think about the good things you have, like your fiancée. Just remember that someone always has it worse than you do, and count your blessings. Good luck with your situation and I hope things start getting better for you!

Mellony Mellony
the only way to change your life is to actually do something about it instead of looking for nonsensical answers from random people on the internet. you want real advice? ok. if you want to be a cop start losing weight it will not take long if its the only thing you focus on. once your in shape start applying for jobs in the precinct take the cop test, study so you actually pass. theres no easy way around just coming into something awesome and one would think you would have realized this by now being 28 and overweight and still unhappy. how about we start connecting the dots there buddy? you dont have friends? just go out to bars, social clubs, even the grocery store you work at, and start making conversation. its actually as easy as opening your mouth and saying what you think you should say instead of overthinking and doing nothing which is probably the story of your life. this isnt mean its brutal honesty which you wont get from anybody else but me on this godforsaken website
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Leesa Leesa
just try to view your life more positively. once you do this you will be able to go from there. as far as the financial side is concerned, i suggest you seek financial support for your problems. try to get your life back on track and find a career that is meaningful to you. it will not be easy but as long as you love every minute of it, money will not be a problem. just find something that you enjoy doing. even if you have to get a dead end job, as long as you enjoy your free time, that is all that matters.
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Jonelle Jonelle
hiya mate - feels like you've taken manage by means of becoming a member of the marines. well on you. each person is in manage in their possess lives. you triggered that unhealthy stuff to occur to you, both by means of loss of attempt to make anything higher occur , or downright dull behaviour (dui) , at the flipside of that you'll additionally make exceptional stuff occur to you - it frequently takes longer to occur however in the event you placed with the intention to get comfortable then you're going to. feels like you've taken a relatively well step ahead by means of becoming a member of the marines - it'll thoroughly difference your existence. additionally - take a look at maintaining a constructive outlook on the whole lot ... consider approximately the well stuff for your existence, if theres now not ample move out and discover extra ... good enough well success mate i am hoping matters move exceptional for you
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Jonelle Originally Answered: Is there any hope for me?
Here are some disorganized ideas for your situation: -If you have a hard time going to class by walking , why not buy a bike (or borrow from the family) to go to school. You can jog and listen to music on the way there. There are always ways to motivate yourself. Just try new things. (try a new route to school) - I see your grades are dropping but you need to make sure you have the right intentions in school. Sometimes there are unresolved issues in our lives that will make us lose focus on why we are living. Depression will result if you don't give your issues proper attention and thinking. It would help for you to write in a journal from know on. Write down your problems and strategize how you can deal with them long term. This can help you boost your self esteem and overall outlook on life. - I would refrain from contacting parents for a while. Try not to speak to parents and family until you really miss them. Then you will most likely enjoy the few exchanges you have with them. It's time to meet new people. First you should really make peace with your former roommate and apologize regardless of how much you hate her. Then you can keep in touch with most of your friends. I don't know if you have the time but try volunteering at a nearby hospital (weekends). That experience can help with meeting new people and will make you value life a bit more.(It did for me) -Are there any sports you like? It's time to get back into them. you can also meet new people. try it. - Be more social and try talking to strangers. It's weird at first but you might make some new friends. Its fun. - About the grades. You need to learn not to be psychologically affected by grades. Whether they are good or bad. Grades don't measure who you are. This kind of worrying you have about grades is not necessary for you at this point in life. You new homework for school is to reestablish the goals you care about. Plus, what is so DANGEROUS about low grades? You need to realize that it’s all in your head. **** grades. Grades are only relevant when you are in the right frame of mind to genuinely care about school. - Another thing that you can do to help grades after you have reestablished your goals is to start a study group after class. This will also feed that want to be around people, which we all have. After class ask students around you if they want to start a study group with you. Do it. - approach your friends again and ask them to forgive you. Be honest and don't be negative. - reestablish your educational goals, and ask yourself why study less just because you are away from campus. School shouldn't be your motivator. You should be your motivator. -don't feel guilty that you missed class. People tend to look at school as their duty. School is supposed to be fun. If its not you need to get your priorities in order. You are your No.1 priority. What do YOU want? - Do you have a job? Having one will help you psychologically also. - In the future have roommates sign a contract so that you are never left "abandoned" again. - Just incase you don't happen to motivate yourself to pass your classes, don't let living with your parents be an option. Do everything you can to be true to YOUR wants. - I would talk to a doctor about those panic attacks. Good Luck, DO IT!!!

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