Why does my teacher keep picking on me and my friend?

Why does my teacher keep picking on me and my friend? Topic: Why does my teacher keep picking on me and my friend?
June 27, 2019 / By Adelyna
Question: Me and my friend Becky gladly get on with are work every lesson in history and we quite enjoys it, But for some reason my teacher likes singeing us out E.g. Natalie why aren't you using a ruler or Becky stop drawing in your planner! She even has favourites in the room, she sits there at talks to 4or 5 kids in the class when we are trying to get on with are work and then when me and Becky try to talk she tells us off.She's always trying to make certain people in the class laugh.. but completely embarrass herself! Last lesson me and Becky did are homework together in class to get it out of the way because we thought she said we would work together, and i was late for History that day and when i sat down next to Becky she told me madame had just shouted at her and said one of us has cheated! But when i went to look in my book the comment was in my book Not Becky's! She even had a go at her in front of some people in the class ( how Inappropriate) I went up to her at the end of the lesson and said "madame i don't understand what you meant by the comment in my book" and she said well one of you has copied from the other .. and i told her we thought we could work together and she said well one of you should have come to me and said we will do are own separate at home ( But we didn't know we weren't aloud to work together!) she even said one of us should move! I said "but we haven't done anything wrong" And she said i was getting an attitude!! She has a problem with us for no reason what so ever! What should i do?
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Teigue Teigue | 6 days ago
o Mai gawd i have the same problem with my teacher she has favorites and when she thought i was someone else to answer a qu. she said "oh i want this specific person to answer the qu. like if i was really dumb and with my friend too we try to talk and she gets so angry at us while everyone else talks all loud and people are screaming.. in that class (this happens in history) .. well i think you should tell the office with your friend because you teacher has noi right to do that to you just explain it to the office and maybe it'll sort things out and make sure that you tell the office that to not let your teacher know it was you who told them cuz then i would make your teacher give you some kind of punishment... im actually going to do this in a couple of days when my friend is up to it too
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Teigue Originally Answered: Why is my teacher suddenly being nice to me and what does it have to do with my friend that sits next to me?
Maybe you behave better when your friend isn't there, and he's using positive reinforcement to show you that when you behave, things are pleasanter in class. Do you and your friend whisper to each other a lot? Or distract each other?

Phil Phil
I used to have a teacher like that in eighth grade. She would try to impress the more popular students who didn't particularly like her by picking on the quiet kids. She would searchmy things for books that I kept in there and would ridicule me for them. One day I spaced out in class ( Given I have a very hard time paying attention to anything for more than ten minutes) she called me out on it, called me stupid and pointed out that she could see a book in my binder. I got laughed at and made fun of horrribly for it. When she caught me with another book she threw it in the garbage. She got people to sing the pokemon themesong when I was around because my friend had a bleach tshirt on. She didn't like me at all until I got a little more popular by getting arrested. Some teachers just want attention. They're pathetically annoying and if I were as headstrong then as I am now I would've called her out on it or said something obnoxious to her. That probably would've helped me out a little.
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Mace Mace
some instructors are in basic terms like that, trust me on tis. it no longer that its you, have you ever said if she is like that to a pair of her diverse training. probaly so, you've the total emotional help of absolutely all of us who has ever benn hated or picked on by using a instructor,lol, its no longer you. soem instructors are both crancky or loopy that way. grin and undergo it for now. you'll bypass on to having diverse instructors, mutually as she will be able to be stuch taeching the similar aspect to an total new bunch of scholars, who will probable sleep by using 0.5 of what she is education,lol, existence is bigoted.
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Jehiel Jehiel
It's either you annoy the **** out of her for messing with you girls or you talk to your principle about this matter
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