why doesn't my mom want to believe that I have ADD when I actually know that I do?

why doesn't my mom want to believe that I have ADD when I actually know that I do? Topic: why doesn't my mom want to believe that I have ADD when I actually know that I do?
June 19, 2019 / By Trix
Question: One thing is that any distraction distracts me. I can't seem to focus on my homework for to long. I like to walk around trhe house for no reason whatsoever. I move my legs a lot in my seat. I can be very happy and then very depressed. I am a very unhappy person always nothing pleases me.
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Best Answers: why doesn't my mom want to believe that I have ADD when I actually know that I do?

Samantha Samantha | 7 days ago
I am so sorry that your mom does not seem to cope well with your problem. As a mother of a child that also has ADHD symptoms I can tell you that it is very hard to see your child suffer, and sometimes we blame ourselves for these things. However, because your questions was under adolescents I don't think this is your case. Maybe you just need to educate yourself more first. Read this article and it may give you some ideas on how to have a conversation with your mom. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5559544/how_to_tell_your_family_that_you_suffer.html?cat=5 P.S. My husband also has ADD, so my life is a mess...LOL
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Noa Noa
I agree, they seem happier generally. There are so many things I wish I didn't know about. I also think it can help them do things, because they don't think about as many roadblocks in their way. I have a sister who is considered mentally retarded, although, it's more of a learning disability than anything else, but she has been able to keep a job because she's willing to work anywhere, as opposed to most people. She's also smart enough to have not gotten pregnant or depend on a man and she just recently lost about 50 pounds because she knows it's about eating right and exercising, not about it being an illness or whatever "intellegent people" want to say. So it can help in some cases.
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Lynsay Lynsay
Would YOU like to believe that your child may have something that will set them apart for the rest of their life and maybe cause bigger problems in the future? Or maybe she just thinks you're trying to get attention. Either way, you are in no way alone in that department. Talk to the doctor at your next physical, or do some research online. Hope I helped! P.S. I don't think there's anything wrong with having ADD. Sorry if I came across that way.
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Keely Keely
You really shouldn't diagnose these problems by guess. For instance, Gillian Lynne, the choreographer for "Cats: The Musical" was fidgety and she lacked focus—two symptoms of ADD. In reality, she just had the gift of dance! You have to go to a professional. They're the only one who can actually determine whether or not you have ADD.
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Imogen Imogen
since you have yet to be diagnosed by a doctor you have NO IDEA what you have. you could just be bored, have such a high IQ that school work does not interest you, you could have a pinched nerve in your leg and that is why you move your legs around.. you could be bi polar and that is why the happy and unhappy, you could be allergic to something and that is why you can focus.. a It could be any number of things.any of which might not be ADD..
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Eireen Eireen
You probably have ADHD. like it was said before most parents don't like to see there children have problems, but trust me it is better to get treated for it before it becomes an even bigger problem. You need to see if you really have it and try to get medication. Talk to you mother and see if she will do some of the online testing that they have for free. Then see if she can take you to a doctor.
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