Why don't people speak out against circumcision in the newspaper?

Why don't people speak out against circumcision in the newspaper? Topic: Why don't people speak out against circumcision in the newspaper?
July 16, 2019 / By Toya
Question: There seems to be a lot of misinformation about circumcision. While there seems to be a trend moving toward not circumcising, you never read anything about it in the papers or on TV. Why won't the mainstream media take on this topic? It's a major issue. Why won't politicians talk about it? Kyle, what misinformation? People say that circumcision is healthier. It's not. People say foreskin increases risk of infection and STDs. It doesn't. People say circumcision is more natural and preferred. It's neither natural nor preferred. People say circumcision is most common. Eighty percent of the men in the world are uncut. It's only more common in the U.S. People repeat these myths when they haven't done any research and have no experience with foreskin.
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Sable Sable | 10 days ago
The media doesn't want to inform everyone about the truth about the damage caused by circumcision because it is so controversial, and the medical profession and certain religious groups don't want the American public to know about the real effects of male genital mutilation. With the deliberate lies and misinformation and old wive's tales about the foreskin, it's time to clear the air. Circumcision destroys about 50% of the sensitivity of the penis. It can be even greater. Most American men don't know how they've been cheated out of a complete sexual experience with a complete penis. Sex feels good, and the average man without foreskin can't grasp the idea that the normal, intact man has a much more intense orgasm. Foreskins aren't dirty. So much is said about it being unclean or some such garbage. There are no products that I know of for cleaning the foreskin, yet thousands of them for women's hygiene. Whose genitals are dirty? Normal bathing is quite adequate. Foreskins don't cause disease. There can be minor skin problems---as with any other part of the body. Now they're trying to say that circumcision helps prevent HIV. HIV is caused by a virus. The vast majority of individuals in this country who have HIV are--guess what--CIRCUMCISED! In Europe and Asia, where the transmission level is quite a bit lower--men are usually left intact. Yet individuals in the medical profession are trying to mutilate African men using the excuse of "HIV prevention." Female circumcision is strictly illegal in the US, as well it should be. Males are supposed to have equal treatment under the law---it doesn't exist! Complications from circumcision, which doctors NEVER fully disclose are; possibility of catastrophic infection (like MRSA and drug-resistant staph, gangrene, distorted and painful erections (they almost always remove too much skin---evidently the medical profession hasn't learned that the penis expands in length and girth when erect). Complete sexual dysfunction and complete lack of sensitivity are also complications. Psychological complications can include anger and rage when the victim discovers how he has been mutilated, and feelings of betrayal and depression. Have you ever heard anyone in the medical profession address these problems? At least in Europe and Asia they have better sense than to allow these special interest groups to dictate how their bodies should be. There are no real benefits to circumcision, except to the doctors' bank accounts and several religious groups who are trying to spread the practice. Female circumcision is mutilation Male circumcision is mutilation Infant circumcision is infant sexual abuse, and a violation of the basic human right to an intact and whole body. You won't hear this on TV or read it in the paper because it's suppressed by medical and religious groups, and politicians don't really care and don't want to go against the wishes of these powerful groups. But at least you can read the truth on the internet. Circumcision is UNNATURAL
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Sable Originally Answered: circumcision and sexual pleasure?
Most men that have these parts cut off at their own request had a problem, either physical (which could have been treated without surgery) or emotional. In any case, men defend their penis. Don't you think you would miss your lips, miss your fingertips? Having those body parts, you can imagine what it would be like to NOT have them. That is the level of sensation that is lost to men that have had penis parts amputated. Literally male circumcision is nerve damage and sensory system damage (truly MUTILATION). A huge part of the male sensory system is turned off! Why would anyone want to do that to a child?

Nessie Nessie
well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that circumcision involves penises and penises are used for sex and no one wants to discuss or hear about that naughty subject. fact is most circumcisions are done out of family routine or habit. dad is so son will be. but tha tis gradually ending as people get more informed. And despite you not seeing many articles there are groups who publish regularly in their figth against circumcision. Just that they don;t get the same media coverage that politicians get.
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Lucy Lucy
I have seen it in my newspaper, people see it frequently but it doesn't really help. People have their minds made up. I see articles about it frequently but it's mixed information. Just because you don't see it it doesn't mean it isn't out there. They give out the information that you want out there but giving it over and over doesn't help, people will just get sick of it. I grew mine back after reading the negative things about it. People that are so against it won't be reasonable about it, I want to be circumcised again because I don't like it, I believed the negative things they said but they weren't honest, they would only be on one side of it. It's better not to be upset about it, it doesn't help anything.
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Kayla Kayla
I would absolutely LOVE to hear Obama talk about it at his next campaign rally! "Dear fellow Americans, we have the power to change, the power to have hope, to live, to dream, to leave our men uncut! Too many Americans don't have healthcare and are in poverty, so many of our citizens are unemployed, so many of our US men have d1cks with no foreskin! Lets give then health care, lets give them jobs, lets give them the right to have a full sized penis! Thank you, and vote 2008! Change America, and we can all jack off together!"
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Honour Honour
actually about 10 years ago it was briefly in the news. its not a political issue it's a medical issue. did you hear about the angry moyel? he was paid in tips. *sorry, i've always wanted to use that joke.
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Edina Edina
its not ruining lives...i have had the privilege of experiencing both sides...i chose to become circumcised and believe it was the right decision...
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Edina Originally Answered: Is this info about circumcision true?
no. 1. wrong. every single study trying to prove it did had to be aborted early because of spikes amongst circumcised men and their partners, HPV was debunked long ago and it's bewildering that people even thought it http://www.futuremedicine.com/doi/full/10.2217/17469600.2.3.193 Circs and HIV studies 2. no. Causes a lot though. Foreskin is a form of protection as it contains antibacterial and antifungals as well as producing smegma which allows penis to self-clean. 3. False. Only in America is the margin so close - 65% prefer intact. Everywhere else partners can't stand cut. 4. Wrong. Using circumcision as a prevention is contra-indicated as studies show it makes the problem worse if it's going to be there. Balanitis can be easily rectified without circumcision. http://www.cirp.org/library/treatment/BXO/ link about BXO. Considering how rare it even is it's stupid to try to prevent it. And for the cases there are, aggressive cleaning with strong soap seems to be the cause. It's more common for circumcised men to suffer it http://www.cirp.org/library/disease/balanitis/ 5. no. it's the other way around. Stats for immediately after: http://www.drmomma.org/2010/01/cut-vs-intact-outcome-statistics.html and stats for life-long complications and infections: http://www.circumstitions.com/Complic.html Damage to penises: http://www.noharmm.org/IDcirc.htm 6. no. You don't clean under the foreskin if it's painful, and later in life you wash the outside with soap and the inside with warm water. No soap should ever get under there or else it could become infected. Same as a woman's vagina. Let it self-clean apart from warm water only to keep it clean, hygienic and sweet-smelling. Foreskins are actually harvested for their antibacterial, antifungal and human bi-valent and tri-valent production for use in medications and cancer research as well as cosmetics and skin grafts due to high quality nerve endings and density of nerves. 7. No. Foreskin prevents pain for female and skin sloughing off. Foreskin is important for sex. If it hurts the foreskin because it's too dry and too rough, it'll be painful for partner, so neither should be doing it. Foreskin provides lubrication that protects shaft of penis and vagina, as well as glans etc. 8. Foreskin cools the penis by 2 degrees centigrade. Doesn't heat it up. Hence another reason why more urethra openings (meteuses) are harmed by circumcision and become ulcerated. And no, cut penises don't smell better - they smell worse and more strongly of urine. And the sex is far, far worse. Look up "Sex as Nature Intended It" as well as http://www.cirp.org/ which is a collection of medical literature and studies, http://www.circumstitions.com/ and those other sites like Dr Momma to get more info.

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