Why hasnt he responded to my myspace message? ?

Why hasnt he responded to my myspace message? ? Topic: Why hasnt he responded to my myspace message? ?
June 26, 2019 / By Tarina
Question: So. I said hey to this guy. and he said hey hows it going? right back to me. So then i simply write to him. Im great, just been running and working on homework. So how are you? AND oh he never replied and I know he read it because its status shows "read" .. Is what I wrote a turn-off? By the way im not desperate im just curious to see if i did something wrong. its been 4 days since he read the message but he hasnt been on since 2 days ago.
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Ripley Ripley | 5 days ago
i highly doubt it, some people can just be real lazy, and decide not to reply a lot of people do it, sometimes you just have to force the conversation, ask him how is he doing, ask him what hes into therefore giving you guys a subject to talk about.
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Missie Missie
OmG that happens to me too. They just don't care. They never write back and nomatter how many questions you asked them, none of them get answered. It just shows that he is not interested. I think that it needs to be a human interactions if you want him to talk to you because I think mens don't gave a crap about letters or messages, they need to see you to interact with you, that's how they feel and will not communicate in other ways because they feel that it is not the real thing, especially if they are not interested. The thing I hate most is they never answer any of the questions you asked them. And then later on you just end up not writting to them anymore and then they feel relief. And the thing is that they are heartless so they don't gave a damn about if you are hurt by them or not. I hate men I declear to the world, why can't they have a little heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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Linda Linda
Well he might be busy, but also, there's not much he could say back. I don't know how well you two know each other so he might not know enough to know what to ask about... but wait a little longer, maybe he just couldn't think of much to say when he read it.
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Kailey Kailey
No he might just through the conversation was not going any where. But that was not a turn off.....
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