why in a research assignment can you not put your own opinions in?

why in a research assignment can you not put your own opinions in? Topic: why in a research assignment can you not put your own opinions in?
June 26, 2019 / By Trinity
Question: It seems ok to put other peoples in but you cant put your own opinion of that research even if you have backed it up with and discussed it with alternative research.I am confused as it seems that all you end up doing id listing and contrasting others research and not putting your opinion and a machine could do that
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Sally Sally | 3 days ago
I had professors who preferred it either way. Some were dead set against any opinions in a research paper and others indicated that they wanted the student to draw their own conclusions or inferences from the research presented. My personal opinion is that stating an opinion that is supported by the evidence in your research paper shows that you have critical thinking and analysis skills. But... like I said... I think it often depends on the professor.
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Nigelia Nigelia
Inevitably, you will put your own twist in your report. However, for research assignments, people are looking for facts. When you add quotes and opinions from others, its because they are respected sources--they should be people who have some sort of strong background in whatever subjects you're writing about. Thus their opinion is closer to being fact. Also, as complex as machines are becoming, they will cannot replace a human when it comes to writing a research project. You will still be putting it together and tying all the facts together. Usually, the last paragraph can be used to actually have your own opinion on how all these facts work together and if they are correct. But, in the end, research projects are about finding truths and facts, and trying to learn more.
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Lynn Lynn
I know what you mean I had this problem in a graduate class last year. It's research...you have not done any therefore your opionions are not wanted basically. If you have a section where you did your own research then you would put that info in there....at least that was what I was told.
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Keelan Keelan
The point of a research paper is to give factual information, or a least information that is supported by others. You can use your opinion, as long as you can back it up with research.
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