Why is cocaine illegal?

Why is cocaine illegal? Topic: Why is cocaine illegal?
July 16, 2019 / By Aimerey
Question: (No I don't plan on taking it and no I have never taken cocaine) All the stories I have ever heard about people taking coke say is makes you so damn happy, everyone is your friend and you don't get angry. I'm aware it destroys you phycally, but the only people I have ever heard say cocaine is bad are the people who have never taken it. Even people who are sober from coke have said its good Why is cocaine so bad if it makes you love everybody, gives you energy and makes you confident? If you can support yourself without stealing is it still bad? Is it highly addictive? I am aware thisis a dumb question, but I don't really understand drugs that is why I ask about them instead of doing them to have my questions answered.
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Suzanne Suzanne | 10 days ago
I agree with the user who said it was a "public health concern." In general, when caught with cocaine, the case usually turns into "People of State" vs. YOU. That generally implies that society, as a whole, considers that cocaine is a nasty drug and should be illegal, because it causes problems. However, I believe many economics studies have shown that the U.S. is better off legalizing drugs for economic reasons rather than personal morals. There are simply a lot of idiots in the United States. That's all.
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Suzanne Originally Answered: What is the original website of the study in London over alcohol being more deadly than heroin and cocaine?
Obviously alcohol is a worse problem because it is a legal drug and therefore more widely used than heroin and cocaine, and also because of the culture of heavy drinking in the U.K. Were heroin and cocaine to be legalised, and more easily and cheaply available, they would be a far worse problem than alcohol
Suzanne Originally Answered: What is the original website of the study in London over alcohol being more deadly than heroin and cocaine?
I 101% agree with David S. I don't know the original website which states alcohol being more deadly than heroin and cocaine, however, you have to take into account alcohol is legal, therefore MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people drink every night in London, while only a few THOUSAND taking heroin and cocaine in London every night. Therefore, alcohol is responsible for more deaths. Also, because alcohol is legal and CHEAP you can buy as much as you want and easily overdose. Where cocaine and heroin is illegal, therefore, expensive and hard to overdose unless you have the money.

Raven Raven
It used to be legal for a log time, until of course people got the hang of it and didn't know where to stop. Personally I've never used cocaine, but I know a couple of people who did or still do use it occasionally. I have been offered it many times, at parties, on the streets, in nightclubs, but being chemically happy isn't really my thing. Although it doesn't seem to wreck your body and mind like heroin or methamphetamine do, it seems to be quite addictive to those people who lack adequate self control. There seem to be people who have a firm grip on it and who know how to handle it. Still, it's not something that I would recommend.
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Meriel Meriel
Cocaine was found to be highly addictive and became a public health concern. With any drug, your actions, personality, demeanor, etc., vary widely from person to person. Some people are as you described, others are complete douchebags and violent. Alcohol is another one where people vary a lot. Some are friendly, others are dangerous when drunk.
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Meriel Originally Answered: I know it is illegal, but is it very illegal?
It can comeback at him and bite him in his A**. This was common under George Ryan in Illinois. If you hung out at the testing facility you could often hear the driving school people bargaining with the testers. Well after a large family was killed by the negligence of another driver who got his license that way the S hit the fan. Everyone that they could trace who got their DL's that way lost their licenses and the owners of the driving schools went to jail. Those that were in Illinois on visas had their visas revoked and lost any job they had.

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