Why is dissection in HS wrong 5 page essay?

Why is dissection in HS wrong 5 page essay? Topic: Why is dissection in HS wrong 5 page essay?
July 16, 2019 / By Madonna
Question: Because I refused to dissect a fetal pig in school, My teacher is making me write a 5 page essay on why I didn't. Can you guys give me some ideas and sites? Thanks. ummm ok buddy. You probably should have done a little bit of research before you answered my question. I probably should correct you but I'd rather let you live in ignorance and laugh about it. What is wrong with the people on this side of Answers? I know why I didn't do it but I just want some help to stretch it into a 5 page essay.
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Keren-Happuch Keren-Happuch | 1 day ago
Are you telling us that you don't know why you refused to dissect a pig? You're saying that you're so clueless that you have to ask others why you didn't perform your task? Where or better yet, what are your convictions? Did you just refuse because you thought you would impress some girl? Wow! You are dumb.
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Keren-Happuch Originally Answered: Pig Dissection?
I would explain to the teacher about your ethics. You may not want to jump to the note from mom right away. I have found most teachers are respectful of ethical concerns. You can suggest that you do a virtual dissection(if you can find one). Make sure you can find one and that your computer can see the pictures. http://www.whitman.edu/biology/vpd/main.... When I was in high school I refused to dissect the frog, and watching someone else do it was not acceptable. I found a virtual frog dissection site and went to the teacher, voiced my concerns and asked if I could(on my own at home-since the school comps were not good enough) use the computer. I gave the teacher the website so she could check it out. If your teacher refuses to allow you to do an alternative assignment(be prepared for a essay/report-and you cannot complain if it is hard) you can make an appointment with the vice-principal and discuss this with him/her, and if he/she will not allow you to do an alternative assignment than make an appointment with the principal. Make sure you allow yourself time to talk with the teacher and possibly the principal. When I had a problem in h.s it took two week to see the principal. Tips on avoiding animal dissection http://www.petakids.com/disindex.html

Jackaline Jackaline
If you really had a good reason not to dissect the pig, 5 pages should be no problem. Just do a basic google search and there should be hundreds of sites about controversy and ethics and stuff. In a related story, I refused to attend all of my high school classes, so my principal is making me write a 500 page novel about it. Any ideas?
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Elva Elva
I didn't dissect a frog in high school, I refused. My teacher (surprisingly) didn't do anything like make me write a paper. I would have fought it if she did. I don't see why anyone HAS to dissect something. Especially those with weak stomachs. I don't think it's right to dissect animals in school, unless it's college and you're going into something dealing with Biology. Just try your best to fight it....or tell her you're an animal rights activist lol. And dude, he doesn't need to "man up" and dissect it. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
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Christen Christen
there is nothing wrong with it. why don't you just man up and do it? i dissected an adult cat in high school, no problem. there are probablly some rich schools out there where they disect human cadavers. just do it.
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Christen Originally Answered: Pig Dissection?
advantages of pig dissection: - you see the real thing which always leaves more of an impression than a video. It's the difference between riding a bicycle and watching somebody do it. - the pig you dissect is not the perfect pig, it will have some variation from the perfect textbook pig, so it will be harder to identify different parts. Also as everybody will have a different pig, you can see the variation. In addition some pigs may have diseases or abnormalities. - you have to make ALL the decision yourself - where to cut, how to dissect. You can make mistakes. The difference is that of a multiple choice test versus writing an essay. For doing it successfully, the latter is always more challenging. - it teaches the manual skills of dissection in addition to theoretical skills (if you want to be a surgeon you should not wait until you get a real patient to learn how to do that. Being able to do a good dissection is a skill, not everybody can do it. ) disadvantages - to the pig, obviously. Therefore more than one student should work on one pig to limit the number of animals needed. Also irresponsible students who don't take the time to study before they do the dissection and don't know what the hell they are doing don't mangle a poor pig for no learning effect at all. - fatal mistakes - you mangle some part which should be under consideration beyond recognition - if the program allows for them you can always start over and do it better. - if a dissection is really time consuming a video can show the important part fast, so if there is little time you can go through more material - it always works on the video (but this is a disadvantage of the video as well) - students with real ethical concerns should not be forced to act against their conviction. With a video they can learn as well. I think the best thing is to learn about the dissection with the video and prepare really well, then dissect a few pigs for the real thing.

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