Why is it good to smoke cigarettes?

Why is it good to smoke cigarettes? Topic: Why is it good to smoke cigarettes?
June 27, 2019 / By Aglæca
Question: persuasive essay and i need an opposing viewpoint to cigarettes being illegal and i know something i can mention is that it releases stress ut if you have any online sites that can say some good things to smoking thatd be great :D please help nooooo im rooting for making it illegal i need a counter argument first tho, so i need to know some posivtives
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Tim Tim | 5 days ago
Despite being very risky, smoking does provide a limited few benefits. Right off the bat, it feels good to smoke. I can vouch for that; damn good! In less than ten seconds upon the first inhalation, nicotine passes into the bloodstream, crosses the blood brain barrier and begins acting on the brain cells. The nicotine just ingested will begin to mimic one of the most important neurotransmitters, Acelytcholine. This action provokes the body's excitation chemicals that include adrenaline and noradrenaline, which causes an immediate rush of stimulation by increasing the blood flow to the brain. This leaves smokers feels energized and alert. Within 20 to 30 minutes after the last cigarette, however, a smoker's energy level becomes sharply reduced. That "charged up" feeling the smoker had minutes before begins fading away and the craving for nicotine quickly returns. Psychological dependence is a major factor that can prohibit a well-intentioned person from quitting smoking because nicotine has such amazingly powerful, reinforcing qualities. Other reasons why many of us continue to smoke is that we find it easier to manage stress even though we know that smoking is risky and dangerous. Many of us in this day and age juggle family and work responsibilities, and lighting up a cigarette is a welcome substitute to wind down their day regardless of the repercussions involved. Many more of us, myself included, find that smoking helps to keep off those unwanted pounds, and there may be some truth to that notion. Nicotine speeds up the physiological functions, especially the rate at which the body metabolizes food. When smoking stops, metabolism slows down, food is burned more slowly, and the pounds start adding. That reason alone is strong incentive for many of us to continue smoking.
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Tim Originally Answered: FSC Cigarettes?
"The Harvard report on fire safe cigarettes shows in complex tables that levels of carbon monoxide--related to heart disease and naphtalene--linked to cancer are boosted the most when manufacturers use special, banded paper (speed-bumps) that slows burning, ....carbon monoxide is boosted by 11.4 # and naphtalene by 13.9% other carcinogens, such as fluorine, are increased by about 6%" There is a rumor going around that flame retardant was added to the paper wrapping and/or the tobacco - Please see the link for Patents issued for "the use of a class of coatings that are applied to the paper wrapper that encloses the cigarette's smoking medium". http://www.freepatentsonline.com/4303084.html A Japanese patent that allows for "a cigarette in which a band coated with a flame retardant substance is formed on the cigarette paper" http://www.wikipatents.com/ca/2522289.html
Tim Originally Answered: FSC Cigarettes?
Since about a month ago, I noticed my Marlboro Reds tasting really bad, and hurting my lungs . I started noticing that I cough alot more while smoking, and have severe and I do mean SEVERE headaches and afterwards they make me feel so sick to my stomach. I then noticed that my cigarettes keep going out on me in two different spots on the cigarette as i'm smoking it. I Then ask my friends if they experience any of these symptoms and they told me it was because of the fsc paper they was using and I done some research and found out it was literally carpet glue they use to extinguish the cigarettes(I don't know about anyone else but if they use carpet glue to do that then that will eventually kill all the smokers and I guess the non smoking world will win. I also found out this law was quietly passed in all 50 states,I guess North Carolina was the last to go.I will not smoke no more fsc cigarettes,and if you are reading this I would advise you to stop also.I also order from this same site as above and give them 5 stars.There was a lot of sites on the web that claimed to have non fsc cigarettes but, they sort of lied. Those fsc cigarettes is going to kill alot of americans,other countries don't have that poison in them,Please just don't smoke any more of those fsc's.....

Ralphie Ralphie
Smoking cigarettes can help with Irritable Bowel Disease in some people. But, I think what's important to focus on for your essay, is what would happen if cigarettes were illegal. Cigarettes are high revenue for the government, because they're taxed very highly, which makes the government a lot of money, in this way, it's good for them to be legal for the economy. Also, think about the prohibition era, where they illegalized alcohol, but it caused a lot more crime, because people began selling alcohol illegally. It was such a disaster, that they changed back to allowing alcohol to be legal just a few years later. I would also consider looking into biopower; why does the government have the power to tell people what we can or cannot do with their own bodies? Why would we want to give them the power to tell us we can't smoke, when it's our own bodies, and we should be able to do whatever we want with them?
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Marmaduke Marmaduke
It makes you addicted to nicotine and you cannot get yourself back off the cigarettes. It sucks your finances dry, you never have any money and you die of emphysema - enough?????
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Marmaduke Originally Answered: Should cigarettes be taxed?
They already are taxed. Do you mean an increase in taxation on cigarettes? I don't think that it would affect the negative health effects at all. People will still smoke, people will probably always smoke, it will just be more expensive. Some people may be more motivated to quit based on an increase in savings, however I doubt it would have a huge effect.

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