Why is it important to protect the nature?

Why is it important to protect the nature? Topic: Why is it important to protect the nature?
June 26, 2019 / By Acie
Question: Can you help me with this? :D It's my homework and I don't know what to say :) PS: Give 5 arguments.
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Sparrow Sparrow | 7 days ago
1. Nature is the Earth and our home. If we do not protect our home, we will eventually lose it. When we protect nature, we PRESERVE it for generations to come. 2. Protecting nature keeps the Eco-systems in balance. When we cut down the rain forest, less rain falls and the once very green area turns into a desert. 3. Protecting nature keeps the flora (all plants, flowers and trees) from extinction, thereby saving precious Earthly resources from dying forever. 4. Protecting nature means reducing greenhouse gases so as to slow down and eventually prevent GLOBAL WARMING. Global warming, if it continues at the rate it is now growing will be a disaster for the world and life as we know it will not exist. It will be a catastrophe beyond human imagining. 5. Protecting nature means to preserve it out of the respect for the life that lives within in. Remove nature and life is destroyed. We, as a human race, must consider the fact that if we do not preserve nature today, future generations will not be able to enjoy the benefits, the beauty, the wonder, the serenity, and the joy it brings to the hearts of people everywhere. To sum up. Nature is like our home. We keep our homes clean and beautiful so we can live healthfully, happily and creatively. The same with nature, we must respect nature and protect her with the same care that we give to our homes and personal hygiene.
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Praise Praise
Nature contribute a lot in our everyday lives.It's the natural source of oxygen that help us to breath.It also provide food not only for the wildlife but for us humans.Nature has a tressure.i.e the natural vegetation which we can use to make medicine.Nature provide home and shelters for the wildlife.Nature with it's natural vegetation and natural habitats,actually contribute a great deal in stabilizing the atmosphere.
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Maurine Maurine
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/aw20W We depend on nature for our existence, it (or a great part of it on earth) forms the "niche" where we live. If that is disturbed or destroyed, then we will suffer as a consequence. Think of climate change, and pollution; they both can affect out lives in a dramatic way. Also imagin a world with no countryside or beaches where we might take vacations and enjoy "nature's beauty". Also, animals have feelings too and can suffer, so looking after them is part of an all encompassing moral programme.
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Laudine Laudine
Because nature and the environment give us oxygen, food, water and shelter. Imagine having these things taken away from you. It might not happen in your lifetime, but over a longer period of time, if humans don't limit pollution and take pro-environmental measures, our offspring will live horrible lives with the most basic needs either extinct, vanished or corrupted.
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Jetta Jetta
I am definitely no expert but everything was put on this earth for a reason. We can't keep being selfish and taking from our planet without giving back or everything will disappear. Cut a tree somewhere, plant one somewhere else because trees provide oxygen essential to living. Fossil fuels will eventually run out, we need to harvest other types of energy such as wind, solar or plant made such as ethanol from corn or soybeans.
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Francene Francene
because its the only one we have, and if we dont start protecting it now the it will dissappear and we'll never get it back
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