Why is my dogs head hot?

Why is my dogs head hot? Topic: Why is my dogs head hot?
June 24, 2019 / By Angela
Question: I was just petting her and her head had seemed a hot. So I had called her over to me and she had wagged her tail a little bit and came over. I'm a bit worried. Is this normal for a dog?
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Wilfred Wilfred | 9 days ago
my dog did this a lot and still does and i have asked several vets and on many comment boards and 99.9% of the time nobody had a clue including vets although many claimed to know all thier so called expert ideas all turned out bogus. Is it normal? YES Do all dogs do this? NO Is there any scientific or medical term, study, or report on this? surprisingly NO In my case he only gets his "hot head" when being petted. it is almost like his head gets hotter with each stroke of the hand and by hot I mean hotter than a hot tub hot almost, ALMOST too hot to keep hand on it. He also would get hot spot on other parts of body but never as much or as hot as head. PLEASE do NOT listen to anyone who claims this is a skin condition because they are ignorantly thinking of an entirely different thing where there is hair loss and itching. I did here of a kinda new age explanation for this once where they said it was caused by dog taking in too much cool air such as riding in car in Autumn with head out window, and it did coincide somewhat with my dog but then didn't explain why it would happen in heat wave of summer with no car ride, no swimming, and no a/c. You can go to vet for anything but I will tell you from VAST experience no more than 1/2 of the vets out there actually are worth anything, but those that are good deserve the utmost respect, and almost always if your dog seems happy then your dog is healthy and there is nothing to worry about. That is of course not a substitute or in relation to getting vaccines.
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Scott Scott
Some dogs will respond this way. Develop engorged vessels (core blood temp @ 101) in their forehead region where you touch them . Is mediated by neuro chemicals as they feel exteme love for u. Dogs have well developed limbic systems like ours and feel real love. Not getting a hot head does not mean they don t love you, but temp may not be quite as warm because of variations in physiological responses.
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Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar
My dog's head gets hot when I pet him but especially when I've just arrived home after being gone several hours. (i.e., he's very happy to see me). He does seem "agitated"; panting and smiling, when this occurs. It only lasts maybe 30 seconds, and as I massage his skull the heat seems to dissipate. It's definitely isolated to his eye brows, forehead, and the bridge of his nose. I've never thought that he needed medical attention, tho. It might be interesting to note the breed: Lab-Rottweiler-Pitt-Mastiff Mix.
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Keshawn Keshawn
Her head is hot because she is thinking..........lol......seriously it really doesn't mean a thing unless she is hot all over to the same degree....then it's probably a temperature and needs a vet appointment. Her temp should run between 101 and 102.
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Hucc Hucc
Sometimes mine are the same. I don't think there's necessarily anything to worry about but if you are concerned, speak to your vet. It probably wouldn't hurt to give her a health check in any case, depending on her age?
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