Why is my english teacher illiterate?

Why is my english teacher illiterate? Topic: Why is my english teacher illiterate?
July 16, 2019 / By Thomasine
Question: My english teacher is a long term substitute. she sent out an email that had at least 15 spelling errors and 10 grammatical errors. she doesn't care when we spell something wrong (because she doesn't know how to spell?) and doesn't check grammar when we turn in essays. some of the people in my class write at about a 3rd grade level, and we're in 8th grade. I think teachers could make an effort to change this, but at my school it's more like, "here, do your homework after I don't explain it to you. have fun failing in high school!" Alsa, some kids found some pics of her partying on facebook. idk if hat makes a difference or not. oh, and she's more like a baby sitter than a teacher. maybe it's just my class though, we're pretty terrible, and there are 30 of us.
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Roseann Roseann | 6 days ago
It is good that you are concerned about this. It is important that you make a success of your educational experience. Your basic question is "why?" Sometimes school districts have a difficult time getting and keeping qualified teachers. Even regular employees are sometimes teaching outside their field. Substitutes are often not qualified in the field they are assigned or perhaps are not well educated themselves Unfortunately some education degrees are awarded to students who might not deserve them or to people who can do the work but are lazy or inefficient. I am sorry you have to put up with this. What you can do about your own education is to do every assignment to the best of your ability even if you know it might not be read carefully or corrected thoughtfully. Use your textbook for reference and look on the internet for assistance. You seem to have learned the basics of grammar and composition so the school is not failing you entirely (although some students seem able to learn in spite of the teacher) Ask your parents to read your assignments and make suggestions. If you enjoy creative writing there are several good free sites where you can post your work and have it reviewed. Use the library and read widely. Ask the librarian for areading list for your grade. It is not good that your school (or this class) is not doing a good job. Please do not let that from doing your best and getting a really good education. Don
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Don't take it the wrong way. There a difference between being illiterate and not being used to such devices such as the iTouch. Depending your mom's age the only real thing that was the rage was the idea of the flying car. Such machines that we have today were never thought about and can be scary... or its plain I don't to deal with it. However there's a good likelihood she's turning you for one simple reason: you deal with operating this stuff so why not ask you how its done. Take the time to teach you mom and show her and remember this simple little fact - All it takes is being locked in a cubicle at work for 3 years and technology can pass you by. In the the 1970's we saw the birth of the pocket calculator. The 80's saw the birth of home computers and Nintendo. 90's was when there was a computer in every house along with the internet via dial up... then came touch screens, laptops, high speed internet, the iPod... all this stuff we have can seem like it came out in a bang, bang, bang like fashion. As far as the other stuff goes... that's beyond help.
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Mya Mya
I counted 12 spelling and punctuation errors in your question. Maybe you should try harder to do your own work correctly.
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London London
Interesting... You have an unqualified teacher. Maybe you and your parents can talk to administration about this issue.
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It is possible to teach German in Germany without speaking any German. My girlfriend did that when I worked at a German company in Stuttgart. She spoke no German when we got there - and learned a little while we were there - but never became fluent. She worked for a company that sent out English speakers to train business people to speak English. All of the students had a fairly good grounding in English already - so here lessons were all done in English. There are big language companies like Berlitz that have offices in various German cities - and there are small, private operations who hire instructors fairly informally. When you are in college - you will have the opportunity to take German classes. When you are in a school - go to the special programs office (or whatever they call it there ) - all colleges have connections or contacts for doing a year abroad in almost any country. You will find a good German program. When you are a polished performer - go to Germany and get a job as a musician!!! You can always find a job doing something at an American military base (check out www.usajobs.com). The future will sort itself out - for now - go to school, take German classes, find your semester in Germany - and follow your heart. All of these opportunities will open up new avenues for you. Also, check out the Concordia College Summer Language Villages programs. You can be a camp counsellor - for young children learning German, you can take a summer in Germany for college credit studying German - take a look and see whether you like it.

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