Why is the bar exam so long and boring?

Why is the bar exam so long and boring? Topic: Why is the bar exam so long and boring?
July 16, 2019 / By Christen
Question: I mean, wow. Seriously. Couldn't they work on making it more fun? They make it seem like practicing law is not going to be the party I've always dreamed it would be. Although I do give a shout in homage out to all ya'll who finished taking it this week! Whoo-hoo! Um Eric, the bar exam is more than a few hours (try three days in some stays, two in others)...but I appreciate your concern for me finding a man, that MUST be what I really need because goodness knows pretty girls can't practice law...(sarcasm, in case you didn't get it the first time).
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Autumn Autumn | 4 days ago
I didn't find it boring. I graduated from law school this May 2007, and I took NY in Albany, and NJ in Secaucus this week. It was too intense for me to judge the content in terms of "fun" or lack thereof. LOL If anything was close to fun, it was the NJ Anna Nicole essay. Faked you out into thinking it would be on family law or wills, but it was on Evidence - seeking to admit hearsay evidence: Can Anna Nicole's statement to Dannilynn, "Howard is your father", be admitted over an objection? Can Anna's statement to the Chauffeur, "I'm tired of lying to Larry", be admitted over an objection? Can a birth certificate signed by Howard and Anna but unfiled, be admitted over an objection. Plus 3 more statements that I forget now... It was the most interesting of the 3 days of exams. I actually did have fun reading and answering that one. So, to answer your question: Why is the bar exam so long and boring? BECAUSE FUN IS FOR ROOKIES!
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Abbygale Abbygale
If you think the bar exam is long and boring, maybe you shouldn't have gone to law school. As you should know, the bar exam is as long as it is, because you will need to become familar with all aspects of the law, and not just focus on the area you plan on focusing on. I've never gone to law school, but I would surmise that your professors would have warned you well in advance what to expect. If you think being a lawyer is anything like it is pn t.v. your going to be incredibly disappointed.
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Stef Stef
We have too many lawyers as it is. Why make it easier to get more lawyers. If you are so anal that you cant tough it out for a few hours while taking a test then I hope you are so good looking that some old man with a bunch of money will marry you.
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Ozzy Ozzy
Because a lot of legal work is long, and tedious, and boring, and exacting. If you can't face the exam, you won't do at all well at everyday law.
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Lewis Lewis
If they're fake - was it at least a good job? The last thing this world needs is another lawyer with up-tilted and/or sideways pointing nipples or rigid grapefruits. Please post pix.
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You know kid, one day you're gonna wake up with three kids, two jobs, and a mortgage and think "where's my boredom now?"

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