Why should americans learn about Hitler when?

Why should americans learn about Hitler when? Topic: Why should americans learn about Hitler when?
June 27, 2019 / By Alleen
Question: Europeans dont learn about Osama. Americans should talk more about Al queada while europeans and jews talk about Nazi germany and neither of the two should be interested in the other. Osama isnt european history so Hitler isnt american history
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Utai Utai | 7 days ago
Osama Bin Laden is so recent history, that we go through his case in Social Sciences Al Qaeda is still going on, so we study it in Social Sciences, too. Americans should learn about Hitler because USA participated in the war. Hope that solves your question.
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Roderick Roderick
On top of the whole history vs current events, let's add two things: WW2 & 6+ million vs 3+ thousand
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Mickey Mickey
Hitler is part of american history because he affected the world so greatly. Germans were given a time to withdraw their troops from invading other countries but they refused. Therefore the british and the french declared war. Hitler may not have declared world war 2, But he triggered it. In World war 2 americans were Greatly involved, not at the start but near the end where atomic bombs were used to destory the japanese cities. Technology revolutions were formed during world war two, and one if the main reasons why world war two had started because of the hitlers refusal. World war history is basically taught worldwide, just in different point of views. Also osama may be the murderer of thousands but hitler is the dictator of germany and murders of millions Therefore, hitler is the worlds history Despite where u live, he has impacted the world too greatly that he cannot be not learned about. Im sure that osama is talked about just nit as much as hitler. Hitler was a man that the world saw as a theart but didnt want to stop him becuz they didnt want ti get involved. Becuz if this selfishness, it resulted a war. The history of germany and hitler is a lesson of what happens when we dont act against what is wrong.
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Jude Jude
An idea for sure but America did help to end the rule of Hitler and also the Japanese. The learning of what HItler did is a study in what can happen when someone has absolute power and how they can control a country and the people. The use of media, agencies, spies both domestic and international and the closing off of information flow except what they wanted, is a wonderful process for study and as a learning guide of what to watch for in other potential or current dictators. There is much to learn from his ability to take over the country initially though legal means and then the misinformation and removal of opposition and going from there. Remember during his first half decade he rebuilt the German manufacturing machine, pretty well eliminated unemployment, went on a building boom. He revitalized the entire economy and not only on military build up but such things as synthetic oil plants, investment in research and more. Behind the scenes bad things were happening but because he controlled the media and such the regular working person had little to no idea things were not right. Studying this means you learn what can happen and how things can go under a dictator as the Germans kept great records, such as never before in history. The idea this happened in a democracy means it can happen elsewhere as well and means you have to watch who you elect and what they do during their term.
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Harper Harper
Huh? You're talking both history and current events. And not making much sense. Ever heard of WWII?
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I believe his maternal grandmother or great grandmother was Jewish. Sorry though, I have no links. It is possible that definitive proof of his heritage will be difficult or impossible to locate, as he controlled all media and information in Europe for several years. It is conceivable that he would have destroyed any such evidence.

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