Why wont my parents listen!?

Why wont my parents listen!? Topic: Why wont my parents listen!?
June 18, 2019 / By Addie
Question: Nobody makes fun of me or anything but I always finish my homework and classwork during class with like 25 minutes left of class. It gets very boring and sometimes get in trouble and people are always asking for my help and worst of all some famous private school is accepting me for free because of my academic achievements and my parents are planning to accept it. The problem is that I dont want to go. I heard Its horrible and the punishments are unusually cruel oh yeah it is also 3 hours away from my house so I will have to move and we currently cant find an apartment that allows pets in the area so my dogs will have to go to the shelter. I also wont ever see my friends EVER again. Have any suggestions on how to convince my parents to not move? I am not willing to just make new friends or just get new dogs. I really mean it when I said I am not just going to make new friends and abandon my dogs!!! I know my parents are just trying to make me a better future but I dont think this is going to help because I have known my friends for WAYYY to long.
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Talbot Talbot | 4 days ago
Well, as a parent myself, I'd consider transferring you to that private school for your own future... But since I am your father and I LOVE my son, I'd listen to what he's got to say. Here's what you should do, tell them in a calm, serious manner your predicament. Beg if you have to and never give threats. Tell then that you understand their reasons but you would really appreciate it if they don't do that. Your parents will understand you if you don't become disrespectful. Give them something to consider, a trade that they cannot refuse, like you're going to clean the gutters for the a year or you're going to mow the lawn for the next lifetime. Kid, this is a turning point in your life, not matter what you do or not do, something in your life is about to change. You've to consider what the change will be. Remember, respect your parents. Let me tell you the truth, even if they are your parents, sometimes they do not know what is good for you... they might THINK that they do from personal experience, but hey, like what I tell my wife, "I will keep on remind our son about my victories and defeats in the past but that doesn't mean that I should stop him from learning from his own mistakes."
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Talbot Originally Answered: Ok I need help so my parents wont be pissed.?
Relax, you have plenty of time until tomorrow. You obviously have internet access so Google him. I would think that any responsible project would have to include legitimate sources anyway. And just so you know, YA does have a "Homework Help" section.

Percival Percival
Tell your parents that you are really dissappointed in them for not asking you what you want or what you think is important. Tell them that you appreciate the fact they recognize your accademic achievements, but you feel that there is more to school than just education. You will not be happy going and if they respect you, they will listen to what you say and understand your needs
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Lowell Lowell
You should respect your parents wishes, but also respectfully let them know the situation. Sometimes they just need to hear it said the right way. Thats how mine work, anyways... Remember that a gentle answer turns away wrath. sorry about the situation!
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Jayson Jayson
i know exactly how you feel cause when i went to public skool in kindergarten-2nd grade, my parents found out about this private skool and sent me to it and i didnt want to go, until i visited it and i liked it, but i didnt have to move...just tell them how you feel about moving to another skool, house, losing your friends, dog, and everything else that makes you uncomfotable...parents are supposed to make their kids happy, and sending me to private skool did make me happy, but if u want to stay with your friends, i understand that...just tell them everything in your question
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Gamaliel Gamaliel
tell them everything you told me! omg! i feel terrible! just say everything you just wrote and if your parents have any heart..they wont make you change schools...
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Gamaliel Originally Answered: i hate my school and get bullied and my parents know and wont do anything what do i do?
you should tell your parents again and say very seriuosly how much you are being bullied and ask to go to the other school. If that doesnt work you should talk to a school counselor about all of this. I was bullied a lot when i was younger and eventually just learned how to fit in more and learned to like school (but after switching to a different school). One thing i remember is when you are walking down the halls or around school, if you just smile, it looks like you are having fun, cool, confident. Then everyone will wonder why you are smiling so much. It works. All the sudden you arent the geeky victim you are putting off a fun carefree energy they dont expect. Plus smiling actually releases endorphins that make you feel happier in your brain. Try it.

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