Wicca teacher/mentor?

Wicca teacher/mentor? Topic: Wicca teacher/mentor?
June 19, 2019 / By Virgie
Question: I am looking for a mentor or teacher. They may be online. If you have any suggestions please feel free to state them. I am under eighteen and would be pleased if they were a mentor who taught new wiccans under the age of eighteen. If you are a mentor can you answer this,please • How long have you been teaching Wicca? • Where did you learn the craft? • Do you teach a particular tradition of Wicca? • How many students have you taught? • Are the names of your students confidential? Thank you and blessed be
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Shanika Shanika | 2 days ago
Since you duplicate posted, I'm duplicate answering: No reputable Wiccan will mentor or teach a child under 18 (unless you have Pagan parents who are involved and okay with it). Anyone who would-- dont bother with them, they haven't learned enough about Wicca to be a good teacher. Honestly, though-- even if you were over 18, I wouldn't just offer to mentor you or teach you anything, being some faceless stranger on the web I don't even know. If I teach anyone, it's someone I meet, take a liking to, who expresses interest and is willing to do their homework... and only after I'm convinced that they're not going to flake out on me after a month because there is no point in wasting my time on someone who isn't committed. I would think any adult with a job and a life who is a serious Wiccan would pretty much feel the same way-- it's not like we're all "oh thank you thank you for considering me as your mentor." It's more like, "what makes you a worthy student who deserves my time and effort?" I'll give you one little lesson though: Wicca & Witchcraft are not interchangable. The "Old Religion" theories have been debunked for ages. Edited 1 second ago - Edit - Delete
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Shanika Originally Answered: Id like to ask some questions about Wicca and witchcraft.?
As a non-Wiccan, it's really not my place to comment, but I have studied it some myself and have a nmber of Wiccan contacts and friends and feel relatively informed on the topic of Wicca and as a practicing witch, I can speak from experience in that realm. 1) I've heard that Scott Cunningham is the most recommended and useful author when it comes to introductory Wicca. Raymond Buckland is also noted as good. Authors people tend to thumb their noses at include Silver Ravenwolf and DJ Conway (due to their many factual errors and sometimes their immoral recomendations). 2) Which element goes where in a circle? This varies a bit and many modern neo-Wiccans will say "do whatever feels right"... but traditionally in the northern hemisphere Air is in the east, Fire is in the south, Water is in the west and Earth is in the north. It may be different in the southern hemisphere. 3) The best place to look would be www.witchvox.com to find covens, groves, groups, metaphysical shops and other gathering places in your local area. Some may be defunct or poorly run, so do be careful. 4) The most traditional forms ow Wicca would be Gardnerian or Alexandrian (or the hybrid "Algard"). Other forms which are somewhat traditional but not associated with BTW Gardnerian lineage would be NROOGD (New Reformed Order Of the Golden Dawn), Corellian Nativist Wicca, Faerie Wicca, Dianic Wicca (feminist tradition), Blue Star Wicca and then there's the completely non-traditional "eclectic Wicca"(aka: Neo-Wicca) which is likely what you are currently practicing if you have not been initiated into a coven (and debate exists over whether it really counts as Wicca at all, but that's not my department). Other traditions and forms exist, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. I'm sure there's a nearly endless list. 5) Nudity (or "skyclad" practice) is completely optional in Wicca. Some covens practice skyclad, some practice partially clothed, some practice robed and others are "come as you are" but if you chose to join a coven that practices skyclad, you shouldn't expect to be allowed to show up to ritual fully clothed... choose your coven carefully. 6) Yes, spells really work (if you do them right... it takes some practice) and no, you don't have to have all the "stuff"... spells are about intent, the tools are just tools and can be improvised or left out completely. That said, tools are definately helpful, especially for the novice. 7) Understanding harm is a mystery of the Wiccan religion... by "mystery" I mean it's something that cannot be explained and can only be experienced and understood. The Wiccan rede is like any other religious text... it has no absolute meaning and must be interpreted. "Harm none, do as thou will" asks you to define for yourself what "harm" consists of and also to define what "will" means to you. 8) I know plenty of Wiccans who eat meat, so I'm going to posit that vegetarianism is really a matter of personal choice. 9) Personally, I see Wicca and witchcraft as two completely different things. Witchcraft is a craft that is available to anyone of any religion and is usually defined as the practice of magick in styles that range from simple folk magick to high ceremonial magick. Wicca is a specific pagan religion that focuses on a God/Goddess duality, celebrates eight solar holidays, various lunar events and is often associated with witchcraft. Some Wiccan authors and other Wiccans interchange the words "Wicca" and "Witchcraft" or "The Craft" which can be terribly confusing. Wiccans don't have a monopoly on witchcraft, nor are all Wiccans witches. 10) A year and a day is is traditional, but it depends on the coven. The year and a day training is a good idea in any case. How to get initiated varies from group to group and coven to coven... the ritual is based on the same format, as far as I know, but the training and lead-up to initiation will vary. Choose your coven carefully... interview your potential high preist/ess(s), verify their training, verify any lineage they claim (this isn't rude and if they are offended by your attempts to verify their claims, then they are probably trying to hide something), make sure that a coven is a good fit for you before you initiate or make any vows or promises to a group. Research the tradition and make sure you are OK with the lineage and theories of the tradition the coven comes out of. -Scarlet
Shanika Originally Answered: Id like to ask some questions about Wicca and witchcraft.?
Great questions. Anyone thinking about embracing Wicca should be asking these and more. You have some really excellent answers already so I will just add a little that is unsaid. 1) There are some really good books as well as a few that are lacking, but in my opinion, you should be reading them all. Find the common themes and details in the books and accept those as the universally accepted characteristics of Wicca. Everything else is most likely presented from the author's own ideas of what Wicca is. It is what works for that person and may or may not be a fit for the reader. 2) Besides the traditional way already mentioned, some Wiccans will actually orient the elements with whatever is the most prominent feature of the landscape. For instance: If there is a large river to the East, the element of Water might be placed there. Also, if a mountain range is on you South of you, it might be appropriate to place the element of Earth there. 3) Check out www.Witchvox.com 4) Besides those already mentioned, BTW (British Traditional Witchcraft) and Eclectic Wicca, some think of their traditions as Orthodox Wicca. Under these three headings, there are many traditions. 5) Most traditions leave that up to the individual people and covens but in a few cases it may be required to either be fully dressed or be naked. If this is an issue with you, I advise that you ask the question of any group you are considering. 6) Yes, spells work in relation to how much energy, passion and desire you put into them. Nothing else is required but is often included as a focus point. 7) I believe that many Wiccans are too overly concerned with this to the point of being afraid to do anything. The Wiccan Rede is a guideline, not a law written in stone. 8) Anyone who says you must be a vegetarian to be a Wiccan is full of hot air and does not know what he/she is talking about. It is nothing more than a personal choice. 9) There are two schools of thought on this. They are both valid. Some will say that Wicca and Witchcraft are the same thing and some don't. I personally believe them to be the same because I believe all Wiccans practice Magick simply by creating Sacred Space in which to worship. I believe the entire Wiccan ritual is an act of magick. 10) You can self dedicate to your new found Gods and Goddesses at any time, but Initiation involves becoming part of a group. Initiation will generally only be performed after a year and a day of study and the acceptance of the Dedicant by the coven. There are a lot of variables in this process and it would be a good idea to ask all the questions you might have about any group before you make any oaths or promises,

Ora Ora
No professional Wiccan will mentor or instruct a baby beneath 18 (except you will have Pagan dad and mom who're concerned and k with it). Anyone who might-- dont hassle with them, they have not found out sufficient approximately Wicca to be a well instructor. Honestly, regardless that-- although you have been over 18, I would not simply present to mentor you or instruct you some thing, being a few faceless stranger on the net I do not even recognise. If I instruct any one, it is anyone I meet, take a liking to, who expresses curiosity and is inclined to do their homework... and most effective after I'm satisfied that they are no longer going to flake out on me after a month due to the fact there is not any factor in losing my time on anyone who is not dedicated. I might feel any grownup with a task and a existence who's a major Wiccan might most of the time believe the equal method-- it is not like we are all "oh thanks thanks for in view that me as your mentor." It's extra like, "what makes you a valuable pupil who merits my effort and time?" I'll provide you one little lesson regardless that: Wicca & Witchcraft don't seem to be interchangable. The "Old Religion" theories were debunked for a while.
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Mahalath Mahalath
I'm not here to condemn you; I am here to let you know that Christianity and Wicca doesn't mix. If you start to get into Wicca, you may be heading into a path that you may not be able to be released from.
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Mahalath Originally Answered: A Year and a Day in Wicca - Structure?
The thing about the Year and A Day structure is that it was never really meant for solitaries, it was meant for those in a group. As a solitary you do not have to study for a year and a day and learn everything that those in a group would learn. You can take as long as you need. In fact, when I take on a student, I prefer that they work at their own pace. It is their journey so why would I make them learn at a pace that is not comfortable for them? Something I do have them do though, is to study Wicca a little bit everyday. What that entails is doing something to further their practice and knowledge every day, whether it be praying, meditation, reading a couple chapters, or performing a spell, they just have to do something every single day. I have a student right now that had a similar situation to you, so what we did to structure a lesson plan for her was decide on a Year and a Month to cover things, each week she has a topic of study and then writes a report on what she has learned then each month she performs a ritual for the sun and moon. Keep reading, try this book: http://www.amazon.com/Wicca-Year-Spiritu... It is a great resource and I use it in my classes.

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