Will the world go back to the gold standard?

Will the world go back to the gold standard? Topic: Will the world go back to the gold standard?
June 18, 2019 / By Annice
Question: I'm thinking that the dollar is on a bad road an in the event of a global change what would the pick be?Gold? On a side question.....Wouldn't silver an gold have to come closer in price?
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Xan Xan | 2 days ago
good for you. you've proven that you're a complete moron, and have no business investing. the dollar is stronger than it has been in years! and the gold standard was abandoned long ago because you can't use gold to manipulate a planned economy. and nothing ever HAS to be close in price to anything else, unless there is arbitrage - a condition which can't exist when you introduce a second asset. and not for nothing, but the WORLD wouldn't pick a new currency. there is no, and has never been, a global currency. don't expect that to change anytime soon.
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Xan Originally Answered: Will the price of gold ever go down (substantially)?
Yes, the price of gold will go down substantially sooner or later. And it will go up. It is a commodity, and it is trading high right now, but is subject to the vagaries of supply and demand, start to finish, in a highly margined environment. SDD's answer is mostly wrong because it is simply a foreign currency exchange rate analysis. All he is really saying is people with appreciating currencies have magnified power in bidding for a fungible product in the con=mmodities marketplace, and that is where gold lives. (S)He does that sometimes, but usually (s)he is more right than wrong. The rest of the answers are just plain wrong period up to now. Stop worrying and develop a futures option strategy to hedge your risks. Worry won't get you anywhere except to the doc for ulcers, but an action plan exercised through a professional commodities option broker can save your business from buying high and selling low, or set you up to profit from your long inventory position by writing covered contracts against your inventory. As to when, if you could guess that accurately, you could become very rich. The best I can do is tell you that it takes surprises to move commodities unexpectedly, and they happen all the time, good and bad. When I bought my college class ring, gold was $800 an ounce or so. 15 years later it was $270, partly because Russia took a couple years to release huge reserves, as you pointed out. Buying high is not particularly an investment strategy I would want to pursue, but as a jeweler, you don't have a lot of options, except maybe to buy bullion at commodity market prices, and as little of it as you can get away with and still not impede the operations end of your business.
Xan Originally Answered: Will the price of gold ever go down (substantially)?
The price of gold will plummet when (and this would be far from certain) the treasury starts to pursue a less expansionary policy and the dollar becomes stronger. I don't see that happening this year.

Sheamus Sheamus
The fascination with gold is historical but pointless . Why not the cup of sand standard? Fiat currency is practical but needs proper monetary policy. Spending like BHO is is not proper budgeting and printing or borrowing trillions is not proper monetary policy. As bad a rap as the dollar has been getting the rest of the currencies are worse. As is typical the Europeans express their jealousy as anti-American hate. Maybe it is rooted in their needing the US to save them twice. There will never be a return to a non fiat money because it does not allow for manipulation - a limited amount of which is good. Silver would not have to change relative to gold. No more so than that cup of sand.
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Noah Noah
No. The gold standard makes people responsible for their financial affairs and no politician wants that. It keeps people honest and, again, no politician wants that.
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Noah Originally Answered: Isn't this in standard form already?
No! It is not in standard form. Standard form means in "mathamatical" form with brackets. As you show it the problem is not clear! Is it-- 1.2 times the quantity of 10 to the 8th power-- or is it-- the quantity of 1.2 times ten (equal to 12) raised to the 8th power. (1.2 x 10) ^8 or (1.2) x 10^8 See the critical differences?

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