world history experts.homework assistance needed?

world history experts.homework assistance needed? Topic: world history experts.homework assistance needed?
July 16, 2019 / By Serena
Question: have a big reseach paper that i need help on.. i must compare something that is happening today in the world with something that happened in history...some of my ideas... how china is like how america was during the industrial revolution & the crusades to what is going on in pakistan... wat other research topics could i use.. remember it must be something that could be compared from the world today and in history..preferablly before world war II
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Olyvia Olyvia | 10 days ago
How about this: the Iraq war compared to the French Revolution. It started with a ruler. Then the people don't like him. A few years of chaos, the ruler was dead. Then after the death of that ruler, there's even more chaos (and a bad goverment to replace that ruler).
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Olyvia Originally Answered: A math Problem (Experts needed)?
The X distance is simply the difference between the first X coordinate and the second. -14 - (-20) = -14+20 = 6. The Y distance is the difference between the first Y coordinate and the second. -11 - (-7) = -11+7 = -4. Now you have a right triangle. The bottom edge is 6 units long, and the vertical edge is 4 units long. The negative doesn't matter, because we will square it in a moment. To find the true distance between both points, we should use the pythagorean theorem. a^2 + b^2 = c^2, where a and b are both lesser side lengths, and c is the length of the hypotenuse, which in this case is the distance between the points. 6^2 + (-4)^2 = c^2 36 + 16 = c^2 52 = c^2 sqrt(52) = c 7.2111 = c I hope I helped you with this concept! Good luck on your SATs!

Mae Mae
Here is one that should make for a controversial topic: How do the Bush Administraton and the Teddy Roosevelt Administration go hand in hand? Bush: Invaded Iraq on the Premise of Weapons of Mass Destruction and later the freeing of the oppression by a "tyrant." Result: US Interests and occupation in the middle-east is increased. T.R.: Sponsors and aids a coupe in northern Colombia. Result being the country of Panama is created with the U.S. gaining the canal zone. Both flexed a military prowess. Bush with flexing and "overstretching" our armed forces. T.R. with his Greta White Fleet and his "Big Stick Policy." Both feel and felt God and Country go hand in hand. Research both administrations and you will see some scary similarities. The thing is, in T.R.'s day, media did not have the outreach it has today.
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Keren-Hapuch Keren-Hapuch
I was always under the impression that the number was closer to 6 million, but you could be right. The answer is simple: The Holocaust extended to other nations. Think about it: The Nazi's death camps were all in Poland and Latvia. Obviously other nations were cooperating. Also, the Nuremberg Laws extended the definition of a Jew to people who were only 1/8 Jewish, whom would otherwise call themselves Christians. By the way, the Holocaust doesn't exactly fall under the category of Israel. Hitler only really spread his influence throughout Europe.
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Jacki Jacki
You could compare today with the Gilded Age in America (1877-1896), and discuss the similarities in politics with closely contested two party system, imperialism to interventionism, and the economic revolutions of both periods. You could also compare imperialism of the 19th century with interventionism of the 20th century and the war on terror in the 21st century.
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Elyse Elyse
Do you even know what the crusades where. Devil Christians attacked innocent Muslims and oppressed them then we kicked there ***. Well if I must then fine. Crusades were a battle of religious war and in Pakistan more Afghanistan there having religious wars.
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Christiana Christiana
Hmmm either idea you've described is viable. You need to pick an idea that interests YOU; then clear it with your teacher. Anything we suggest may or may not be acceptable to your teacher.
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Christiana Originally Answered: help with world history homework pls?
The legal policies enforced by King John's signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 led the change to modernized democracy because the political power held by a single indivdual (i.e. the king) was limited and spread throughout the general public. Political power being granted to representatives of the public is how democracy works today. Use something like that in your essay to make the connection.

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