Would this bother you?

Would this bother you? Topic: Would this bother you?
June 26, 2019 / By Abijah
Question: I'm going to babysit later and I have a ton of homework since I'm in college. Is it reasonable for me to bring a textbook, as long as I only study when the kids are watching TV? I'm usually active and playing games with them. Would it bother you if your babysitter did this? This might be a student question, but I had one mom (a while back) act annoyed when I brought a textbook with me, so. Haha yeah, I always try to keep the kids busy with something other than TV. I do end up letting them watch TV for a bit, and I'm thinking that's a good time to do homework since I'll be sitting beside them. Only asking because I've had one mom (even though I've babysat for several families) act like she was annoyed about it.
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Silvia Silvia | 8 days ago
When I was in high school I always brought homework with me when I babysat, and I did my homework while the kids were watching TV or after they had gone to bed. Now I'm a mom and going to school again, the only people I can find to babysit are other college students, of course they have homework. I do ask them to keep a constant eye on my 10 month old, but as long as he's sleeping, I don't mind if they do homework while my 2 year old watches TV.
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Silvia Originally Answered: Does anybody sometimes feel like why bother doing what you do?
I know how you feel! I had a day like that just last week- I was working on a research paper I'm doing, and it is on animal testing, and I also watched this commercial that day that was about homeless children, they are both such sad topics... so I know what you mean. I worry a lot about the world too. I think it is great that you are compassionate enough to worry about others. But I think what you need to remember is that there are many good things in the world too! And if you really feel bad about the things you mentioned, then maybe you can do volunteer work for the Los Angelas fires or try to conserve water/ help out the cause of global warming by finding out more information on it. And I'm sure everyone has bad days at work where things don't go that well. I sometimes feel the same way about school. I think the best thing to do is to stay positive and try to do better @ work tommorrow. You can also email me if you ever need someone to talk to. I hope this helps and I hope you feel better soon! =)

Phillis Phillis
A babysitter os just that, a person who sits. I would never expect a sitter to entertain my kids. Sure, I would have no problems with you doing your studies. So long as you were observing the kids
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Maryann Maryann
I know this is kind of besides the point, but the best place to get textbooks is buysellcollege.com because it's like a craigslist just for colleges. Just saying
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Lalla Lalla
I don't think it should be a problem. But just in case ask the parents, it is a job...just make sure before you do or study while they are sleeping
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Jennie Jennie
So long as you pay active attention to the children, and they are cared for and watched and not killing themselves and destroying the house, I don't see why it'd be a problem.
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Fionola Fionola
no it wouldn't bother me, actually I'd probably go a different route and ask you toi talk to the kids about what you're doing and depending on the subject and kids age get them involved as well
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Fionola Originally Answered: Should I bother narrowing down my college list?
I applied to 10, and I can't advise you enough to narrow down your list! Honestly, it made my senior year miserable. For about a month, I spent the majority of every weekend working on applications (or doing homework I'd put off because I'd been working on applications). And it wasn't just that it was time-consuming - it was mentally exhausting in a way I didn't know writing could be. I promise, I'm not a slacker and I'm actually usually really good at essays, but towards the end of the application process I just...couldn't...write anymore. It was really exhausting. Also, remember that you don't just have to send in 14 applications. There's also applications for a million other things for each school (scholarships, financial aid, certain extracurriculars, honors programs...) and a lot of those require essays, too. It's hard to keep them all straight, and doing them all is just miserable. I definitely don't think you should pick your one dream school, one mediocre school, and one backup! Not at all! First of all, every school you apply to (even the safeties) should be one you'd be really excited about going to (not a backup or mediocre school). Choose, say, two you like and you know you can get into and afford. And maybe another two that you're pretty darn sure you can get into and afford (as in, you're in about the middle range of accepted scores). And about two stretch schools you're not so sure about. In the end, you're only going to wind up at one, and you don't want to end up like me, kicking yourself for all the time you wasted applying to way to many schools :) Really, though, it's your senior year and you want to be able to keep your grades up and have some fun, and it'll be really hard to do that if you apply to tons of schools. I definitely know, though, that it's really hard to eliminate schools! A good way to do that is to visit them, if you haven't already. Nothing can beat that when it comes to telling if a school's right for you. And read those guides that give paragraphs about schools and their personalities (the Princeton Review one's good). Also, pay attention to what you can afford. I got into several of schools I had to eliminate right after because I couldn't get financial aid (my family's middle class and didn't qualify for need-based aid, but is nowhere near rich enough to actually afford tuition at a private school!) If you can figure out now what you'll be able to afford and eliminate some schools based on that, it might help (albeit in an unpleasant sort of way). And...what school are you most excited about? Or what handful of schools? You have legitimate interest in all of them, but is there one (or two or three) you keep thinking about? Is there one you find yourself comparing all the others to? Imagine yourself at each school...would you regret being there and not at another one? I'd say 5-7 schools is a good amount...maybe 8. But, really, try to narrow it down before you apply (you'll have to narrow it down to one eventually anyway), and your life will be so much easier!

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