Would this writing course be worth it?

Would this writing course be worth it? Topic: Would this writing course be worth it?
July 16, 2019 / By Tresha
Question: Well I'm not really doing much at the moment and I'm not starting college until September so I've decided that until then I will put a lot of my time in to writing. I found a 'home-study' course called 'How To Write A Novel' it costs £295 and I am willing to pay that price. The thing is, is it worth it? Here's the link, but if you can't be bothered to click it I'll put some information here. http://www.writersworkshop.co.uk/onlinec... It's the TOP option. - The tutor is Jessica Ruston who is apparently the author of a bestselling book called Luxury and to Touch the Stars - You watch an introductory video from the tutor and there's a place to talk to fellow students - Week 1 is about Ideas - Week 2 is about Characters - Week 3 is about Story, Plot and Narrative - Week 4 is about Structure - Week 5 is about Style - Week 6 is about Editing and the business of publishing. Each week the class involves - Video introduction - Written Lecture - Interactive Classroom Discussion - A writing exercise, designed to test and develop your understanding of the week's topic - Feedback on your homework I've spent the last week looking for writing courses in my area but I can't find any. Do you think it's worth it? or should I search for a free online course? I know it's not going to make me in to a bestselling author, but I know I will learn a lot about writing. 466 US dollars. I'm going to study Animal Care, not Creative Writing :) and I don't want to publish, writing is my hobby.
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Salena Salena | 9 days ago
I'd maybe get hold of one or both of Ms Ruston's books to see if you want to learn how to write like she does. Writers' Workshop is one of the better-known teaching companies in Britain, so it's maybe worth a shot. Fifty quid a lesson sounds a bit steep, but I'm not sure how much time they spend on you for that.
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Nicky Nicky
I haven't taken any of these courses, but I do suggest hitting the local library and looking up any and all books and DVD's on writing. Check them out. Don't buy them unless they're so good you can't write without continually consulting them, at least at first. If you find ones that are truly helpful to you, see if the author gives a course. That's probably the best way to find courses that are likely worth the money.
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Lyndsea Lyndsea
I think that price is a bit high. Did you look for other classes? I guess it really depends on how much you want to spend. I agree with the other person who suggested you look at the book or books written by the teacher. Make sure you like her writing. I wouldn't take any course that didn't offer personal feedback.
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Kaylyn Kaylyn
If you want to write for your own entertainment, by all means go ahead. Very few amateur novels get published. Even experienced writers have drawers full of rejection slips. If nothing else, you will learn some good writing skills that will help you in college.
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