would you like the vampire book if the vampires were different?

would you like the vampire book if the vampires were different? Topic: would you like the vampire book if the vampires were different?
June 19, 2019 / By Tria
Question: like, i've always like monsters and the such and was even thinking and doing research years ago so that in my novel i could make the vampires and other creatures different but not completely different just with my own twist. but then a whole bunch of vampire stuff came out and now its so cliche i've heard people say that they won't even read it if it has a vampire. so would you still read it if it was different yet still traditional? yeah i know that it'll take a while, but i have a lot of time since of summer vacation and school usually doesn't give me much homework (hopefully it'll still that way when i come back) at the moment i don't really really need any extra mythical creatures but that might change later on. and most of my story is action and has very little romance since i'm not into romance actually i already have a incubus in my story- half brother to my vampire
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Salina Salina | 10 days ago
Well I guess it depends on what changes you make to them. Take for example our dear Edward, the sparkling pixie. Different? Yes. Good? Not even close. I like traditional vampires but I really am getting sick of them. Today I went to the bookstore, and there was a whole freaking section of it filled with : 'He is a vampire. He loves her. She loves him. He wants to escape with her away into a magical fantasy land. But there, some unexpected problems happen. Will his love for her keep her safe?' So yeah, I would read a vampire story, but only if it was REALLY unique and interesting. And different in a good way.
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Salina Originally Answered: Mythology homework about vampires?
Dark arts, Conjuring spirits, flight, levitation, manipulation, immense spiritual power, invincibility (Dracula), invisibility to humans, intangibility, soul theft, mass area blight (corruption of land), able to see through a lesser vampires eyes. That's about as much as I can think of. If I remember any more, I'll contact you. How's that sound?

Nicola Nicola
Vampire Kisses is a good example what a vampire-human love story should be more like :/ well compared to Twilight, Raven = right way, Bella = wrong way But if you want it more raw like traditionally then yeah go for your own twist I once tried writing a story and the girl was a teenage witch and fell in love with a vampire and vampires (where they lives another a world) could be out in the sun but when they went to Earth they couldn't so yeah I probably would read it if there's a little bit of romance thrown in as well and plenty of good ole fantasy
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Lyndsey Lyndsey
Vampires are going down hill. There are too many holes in the plot of Twilight, and the Vampires don't have really any research behind them. They just don't make sence. Magic sperm? No thank you. I love vampires, but Twilight has given vampires a bad name. P.S. Robert P: the guy who died like a dog at the end of Harry potter. Some good vampire books? Obviously, Anne Rice stories. Cathrine Jinks' Reformed Vampire Support Group. Darren Shan's Cirque Du Freak Saga. Those books don't glorify and deify vampires, and sure as hell make sense.
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Kaylynn Kaylynn
Yes. A lot vampire stories and really anything dipping it's toe into the shallow end of the supernatural-pool are so similar that it feels like it's the same story. As an author, it's your job to add something new to this thing that's becoming extremely popular thanks to Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, etc.If it gets back to the roots of these creatures outside of boring romantic angst, will-they-or-won't-they, pretty boys that brood too much, and anything like you'd see on most television networks, then don't let the fad scare you away from writing it.
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Ida Ida
Stories about vampires, werewolves, aliens, monsters of all kinds, they are all metaphors for human behavior. If you write a story about a vampire, you are writing about the seducer who uses people and feels no guilt whatsoever. If you write about a werewolf, you are writing about guilt and regret, particularly for some aspect of a man's personality over which he has no control. If you write about Frankenstein's monster, you are writing about a soulless sociopath. Don't get caught up in the Twilight nonsense. That is a teen romance disguised as a vampire story. If you were to write a compelling vampire story today that addressed the psychology and social and moral issues of the vampire you would not be in danger of committing violence against the genre or offending your audience.
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Edyth Edyth
yeah i'd read it. btw: different type of vampire is how twilight became famous... new twist: sparkly vampires, which i think is lame. but the super-powered secret vampire society..... Oh yeaaaah! advice: you get more publicity if your vampire book is aimed on both sexes (romance for girls/ action for boys) the sappy vampire books kills me.... at least twilight gave the werewolves (not really) and the secret society. let me know if u need mythical creatures. :)
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Charmaine Charmaine
Depends i personally dont like vampire books (not cuz of Twilight) but i hate Dracula and stuff wen all they do is walk around and try to kill people. If its not like that then ya i wuld read it. Plus if u are just now gonna start writing it then u have to write it, edit it, and publish it. That may take awhile and by then it may not be as overwhelmed on.
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Charmaine Originally Answered: theists: how can you believe in god or a "virgin birth" or a woman turning to salt but not vampires or ogres?
God and superman and vampires were invented by the same type of people. It's only cause the God stories ended up in the Bible that we pretend they are true.

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