would you make this deal: a laptop for a key?

would you make this deal: a laptop for a key? Topic: would you make this deal: a laptop for a key?
July 16, 2019 / By Candyce
Question: I needed a new laptop since mine stopped working. My boyfriend and I went out today and he hinted that he bought me a new laptop. We were at the bar and he said that he would make a “deal” with me: if he gives me the new laptop if I will give him the key to my home. I played totally dumb, as if I didn’t understand where he is going with this and said that I don’t have a spare key. Then he said that in that case, he would return the laptop to the store and I said OK. After about 10 minutes I dropped the act and told him that if he wants to do something nice for me it should be with no conditions, with no "deals". That if I was a "user" I would have taken him on the offer. I asked him if it wouldn’t have been nice to just give me the gift and when I decide to give my key to him - it would be because I wanted to and not because we made a "deal". He accepted my argument but from then on he looked disappointed. Later we drove home and he did not give me the laptop. I guess he decided to return it to the store. I was very disappointed that he linked his deed to one of mine. And since I refused to make the "deal", he decided not to give me the present that he bought. I, might have, at some point, given him the key, but I did not like it that he conditioned a gift for it. I am now very disappointed. Do any of you have a different take on this?
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Amelie Amelie | 1 day ago
That kind of offer would have put me off entirely. Has he offered you the key to his place? Before I married my husband, I don't even recall who offered first, but when we thought we were close and dedicated to one another enough to share dwellings, we exchanged keys. I had a key to his place, he had a key to mine. Later, I moved into his place entirely, I sold my place and then after living together a few years, we married . Very soon after we married, we built a new home on his acerage (selling his mobile home he was living in at the time). If he had ever tried to make that kind of "deal" with me, it would have made me think he was going to be a manipulative control freak or something. I don't know how long you've been together or anything else, but I get bad vibes with this scenario from what you say. I understand there is another side to this and I'm not clear what his motivation is or how long you've had this relationship or how deeply committed you are to one another. However, I would think that if he truly wanted to share living spaces in a manner respecting you as an equal..his request for a key would have come with an offer of sharing his...and would not have been attached to some kind of deal/bribe. Also having a key to each other's dwelling ...can create a whole new set of problems if you don't have boundaries established already orf you're not already committed to a permanent relationship. If you have a key to his place or vice versa..are you free to come and go and use it as you see fit? Why does he want a key now? My husband and I had strange work hours that sometimes left us feeling like ships passing in the night, and often found that it was easier for us to sometimes be at my place, but most of the time, at his on the weekends..and then at that time I was also spending a day or two each week (my days off) caring for a mother who had Alzheimer's, to give my father, respite. His having a key to my place let him go pick up things for me when he was working close enough, he could shower there and come meet me in town..my having a key to his meant I could go fix him a hot supper and have it waiting for him when he got back in town from his out of town job that week.. I knew I could trust him not to violate my privacy when I needed it and vice versa. Even after 20 years together we still sometimes need our space. He's got his shop/garage ( the mancave!)..I've got my little study. I don't mess with his *stuff*, he doesn't mess with mine. Are you trusting enough of him at this point in your relationship that you trust he wouldn't violate your privacy? Sorry this is so long, I just worry that if you've got doubts and such disappointment over that deal offer, it's trying to tell you to be careful and perhaps re-examine this relationship and his attitudes to you. Shalom and good luck.
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Walton Walton
Girl. I don't know what your personality is, but he got off waaaay too easy. First of all... You don't give guys keys to your apartment. For any reason. Even if you 'want' to. No. No. No. Not unless you want to end up like one of those stupid girls on Judge Judy. Second of all. Depending on how badly you need a laptop, his actions were almost akin to blackmail. Not a promising glimpse of the future. Unless he has some amazing qualities you haven't mentioned you should weigh your options--- like reconsidering whether you want to exclusively date men who buy laptops as a precursor to commitment instead of engagement rings: I trade in my old laptop like every 2 years!!! Edit: I think I got blackmail and bribery confused. Either way they both attract the same personality type....
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Russel Russel
tell him he can have the key if he buys u a new car and when it comes to xmas or his birthday tell him that u want a gift four times the value of the one ur giving him he should soon get the idea that a gift comes from the heart and should not be bartered for xxx
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Mosè Mosè
not at all. it's not very fair, and the fact that he bought a gift with stipulations is ridiculous. if he wanted to get a gift, its a gift. youre totally right for feeling like that.
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Kelsey Kelsey
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