you think a teacher will fail you if you outsmart her?

you think a teacher will fail you if you outsmart her? Topic: you think a teacher will fail you if you outsmart her?
July 16, 2019 / By Aaran
Question: you think a teacher might be harsher on grading your teacher if you make her look like a fool in class or outsmart her in debate or something?
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Best Answers: you think a teacher will fail you if you outsmart her?

Sherrie Sherrie | 9 days ago
If she does, she should be reported. I corrected a teacher's grammar once in an English class back in high school and she was p i s s e d! I didn't mean to embarrass her; I just felt that the rest of the class deserved the right information. Anyway, the teacher hated me for the rest of the semester, but how could she possibly fail me? I aced all of my tests and wrote stellar essays. The proof was in my work.
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Sherrie Originally Answered: Is it legal for a teacher to purposely fail a student?
Something students need to realize is that teachers don't deliberately "pass" or "fail" students. It's all a matter of adding up the grades. If your brother got all As on his tests but didn't do the homework, and the homework happened to make up 50% of his final grade, then it's not really the teacher's fault that he's failing. He should have done the homework, as a required part of the course. If he took that extra test as a way to "make up" for the missing assignments, it is possible that he simply didn't score high enough.

Penny Penny
It depends on how you do it and how secure or insecure the teacher is. If you come off like a smart alec you could be putting yourself in line for a bad grade, however if you approach the teacher after class and make your point that is not threatening and doesn't look like you are trying to make a fool out of the teacher.
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Marjorie Marjorie
NAH well most teachers shouldn't but sometimes those stingy ones do. Don't worry if you are only correcting her and isn't adding extra stuff she don't need to know, ur good to go^^
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Krystal Krystal
After college, circulate to the important with a number of your classmates who agree inclusive of your place, and a duplicate of this question. Have an prolonged communicate with the important appropriate to the so-referred to as "instructor".
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