your rising sign project strong attraction for people with this sign influences?

your rising sign project strong attraction for people with this sign influences? Topic: your rising sign project strong attraction for people with this sign influences?
June 19, 2019 / By Terra
Question: Hi. Here's Leo rising but also Aquairus with strong aquarian influences (several important planets in that sign, mostly in 6th - Virgo's house) and Gemini Moon. There were five men in my life attracted to me : 1st - Virgo with Leo Moon and Libra Venus 2nd - Leo with Aries Moon and Leo Venus 3rd - Leo with Aries Moon and Virgo Venus 4th - Leo with Capricorn Moon and Libra Venus 5th - Leo with Gemini Moon and Virgo Venus In every case some Leo traits! My usuall first impression is humble, polite and nice loner, even shy in some situations. All of them wanted to serve me, moreover two of these man said simillar thing : "you are like a hidden princess who isn't aware of her charm" and expected me to change into more out-going chick who would be a party-animal like they are so I started to pretend more cheerful girl and made socializing with people when in fact, I wanted to spend more time alone so I end up with escaping from it. Leo rising influence create a different person from what I really feel. I wish men could see more Aquarius in me and give me more space and time to know each other better, build relationship by being friends first so everyone is equal. Do you also experience this kind of situation - your rising sign project strong attraction for people with some of your sign influences? (for example scorpio rising and you were adored by another people with scorpio influcences) I was wondering if it's common situation? Have you ever wanted to change your personal charm cause you were mistaken as someone else? Saggi MC : Sorry, I needed to formulate queston in another way. I'm from different country but also from Europe. Invoker : Aquarius Sun and Mercury, Gemini Moon, low degrees : 8th/ 9th - depends on web page All these Leo people couldn't conjuct with ASC as they were born in different time - some of them were "early" , some "late" leos but thanks for suggestion.
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Rosabel Rosabel | 2 days ago
I like your question! I've thought about this before. Unfortunately I haven't enough birth time/ birthday/ birth place data from people I'd like to study their birth charts :/ However I can understand how it makes sense in your case. You are a Leo rising. Notice how almost five of the men are Leos, 1 being a Virgo but I bet he's an early degree of Virgo. Is his birthday in August? Anyways that makes their sun fall in your 1st house, making them so attracted to you sometimes in the sense of being too fixated on who you *really* are, trying to delve delve and delve into you because 1st house is about who you are, sometimes giving off false impressions due to the ascendant effect. It's a strong attraction with possibly lots of chemistry BUT not a long lasting one due to the fact that it's not really a favorable kind of composite placement for a relationship ... I'm being very general about this part though. Besides I have no idea what the degrees of their sun signs are, it's a possibility that I'm actually wrong but I've a feeling I'm not, seeing that that's the only thing in common in between them. And you in fact had similar experiences with them which was mostly of them expecting you to show off your *inner animal*, right? 1st house attractions are usually strong, but for some reason they don't seem to make sense x) I'm a Scorpio rising but I don't quite know the particulars of those having attractions to me. What I know for sure is the fact that Leo mars people are attracted to me some how ... I only got to know about astrology a couple of months back. When I decided to look up all my exes' charts, guess what? ALL of them had Leo Mars ... :/ There're a few guys who're into me having Leo mars too so there must be some kind of correlation between Leo Mars & me, but the only thing I can seem to piece together from this is my Midheaven in Leo. I haven't anything else in Leo. Suppose they comfortable with my professional self-image, eh? Or the fact that I think they're good for my public name. Lol I'm not so sure ... :) I've been mistaken as a different person from who I really am plenty, and I blame it on my Venus conjunct Ascendant. I don't like it at all! People always think I'm a charming, friendly & outgoing person at first impressions but really, I'm far from it & I actually need lots of space. I don't find Scorpio dominate people being that attracted to me actually ... Only one guy though ... He has the Leo Mars ... xD You could probably try fixing the situation by making it clear in the first place to guys that you get into relationships with what you really are, to avoid misunderstandings & hopes up too high, perhaps. I'm sure they'd appreciate it and try to appreciate you for who you really are & you'll not have to fake a facade of your real self. Hope I helped :)
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Montana Montana
No, you are an Aries...but you have to take your Moon and Ascendant into consideration~maybe they are in Pisces...a woman is greatly ruled by her moon sign-ruler of emotions, it's your ego basically. My daughter is an Aries born April 8th, and she has a Sagittarius Rising, and her Moon and Mars signs are both in Pisces. She's not your typical, pushy Aries, but no matter what she still always ends up in some kind of leader position. Having Moon in Pisces makes her more kind, caring and sympathetic towards others though.
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Lisbeth Lisbeth
what degrees and signs is your rising ? [low degrees in leo??? or very high ?? ] Moon? sun? mercury?
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cancer i talk to people and go for long drives and sit at the beach. everythings clearer when im near the ocean :)

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